Man City 3-1 Liverpool……Chris William Shankly Carline’s Post Match Verdict

So that horrible but somewhat inevitable first defeat of the season landed on us all at the Etihad last night. Speaking as part of the travelling Kop who witnessed the game; it wasn’t a nice feeling but you have to be philosophical about it. Sometimes you get beat in football. Simple as that.

I don’t particularly think we played poorly. That said; I don’t think City played particularly great. I think they were simply clinical in front of goal when the chances arose. Three points is three points whenever you play, but personally Id rather get defeats like this out the way in the early days of the season than at the business end.

I made reference last week in my post match blog about how the absence of a genuine attacking midfield presence who is comfortable under pressure and who can take and receive the ball in the final third hurt us. I think the same could be said yesterday which means that Lallana’s return to training is a most welcome site. Joe Allen had a decent game but he isn’t the player needed in that situation. I think once we get Lallana into that role we will start to see more fluidity and gauge a real idea of how we will fare this year.

Moreno looks a good player which is a positive to come from the game. Strong, quick, can defend and attack. Even more so positive was how he and Markovic linked well in the short period they had together on the pitch. Markovic looks a player who believes he is a world beater and his cameo excited me as to what may come with the hope that his belief becomes reality. A neat passage of play between Moreno and Markovic almost created what would have been a slick goal.

And I suppose that is it really. Like I said, we got beat, it happens. We move on to the next game now and a chance to bounce back against what looks like on paper; a resurgent Spurs team. We will of course have a certain Mr Balotelli in the midst and if ever there was a chance for a player to announce himself with a bang when it is needed, it is now; to help lift the (temporary) doom and gloom that invariably some Liverpool fans will feel after yesterday.

I made my feelings on Balotelli known on Twitter last week. Huge question marks stand over him from my perspective; I have doubts about his ability and I have concerns about his temperament and how that can affect the squad. BUT; Id be ecstatic if he proves me wrong and whilst he wears Liverpool Red he will have all my support. Come on Mario. Make us Dream.


Liverpool 2-1 Southampton – Chris William Shankly Carline’s Post Match Verdict

So after months of anticipation, the first game of the Premier League season is out of the way, and the Reds have 3 points on the board. Make no mistake about it, the absolute aim of every team in their first game of the season is to register maximum points. Result over performance is king on opening fixture weekend and to that effect, it is job done for Liverpool.

We wouldn’t be self respecting fans however if we didn’t offer a post mortem of our team’s performance. The two things we Liverpool fans were eagerly casting our eye over were the impact the loss of Luis Suarez would have on the fluidity and potency of the team; and whether or not Brendan Rodgers defensive re-enforcements would ensure Liverpool fans don’t have to endure another season of  ‘heart in mouth’ action every time the ball leaves the ground and heads towards the penalty spot.

If we take the latter first; and look at the defensive situation. For me, Liverpool definitely looked more solid than they did last season (of course the proof will be over 38 games and not 1). Dejan Lovren definitely brings with him an air of dominance and leadership that at times last year was vastly absent from Liverpool’s back four. He is good in the air and on the floor, can take and receive the ball, is good with the ball at his feet and can read the game well. He showed all of these qualities today at some point or another and even more pleasing was that he seems to have re-awoken the ‘beast’ in Martin Skrtel who at times today looked like a player that reflects his shaven headed tattooed exterior. Liverpool may not have kept the clean sheet, but take nothing away from the Southampton goal, it was well worked with a great piece of skill in there and  an even better finish. Highest praise however should be reserved for Liverpool’s young new right back, Javier Manquillo. The young Spaniard whilst still having a lot to learn; gave a solid, extremely competent performance. He has a decent turn of pace, doesn’t shirk the physical side of the game, was decent positionally and was happy to give an outlet going forward. He will be a welcome addition to the side. Praise should also be given to the captain for his role, especially in the last 20 minutes. Gerrard in the wake of the usual un-original taunts he will have to face from every team this season; never shirked the requirements of his role, that at times asks him to play as a third centre back, and often the last man between the rest of the side and his goalkeeper. When Southampton equalised and the pressure turned up on the home side; Gerrard was a constant presence, mopping up in front of the back four and providing the vital foot in when needed.

And so the Suarez effect, or lack of it, whatever way you want to address the issue. All eyes will have been on how Liverpool coped coming forward without the Uruguayan genius. The verdict I’m afraid will not be given until we are way into the season. Say what you want about Suarez, but the mention of his name will always court an opinion and controversy. To me; he was a hero. A legend. A genius. One of the best players I have ever seen in a Liverpool shirt and probably ever will. But he has gone and we move on. I am of the opinion that we ARE a stronger side on paper at least than what we were last season and indeed time will tell if on paper translates to in practice. I think Rodgers has bought well and I think there will be more before the deadline passes, with possibly a marquee signing so to speak.

Whilst Liverpool weren’t scintillating today; I wouldn’t read too much into it. No team has set the world alight in the first game this season and rather than it being anything to do with the absence of Suarez, for me; it was more down to a slight tactical error in the team selection. Liverpool invariably line up 433. Of the 3 midfield players, one is supposed to sit, one is the busy box to box player, and one is to be the advanced player who makes himself available in the final third to help link up with the front 3. Gerrard was and is the sitting player. Henderson was and is the busy player, box to box; always available for a pass. The issue today was the selection of Lucas. It meant there wasn’t a player in that midfield three who made himself available in the final third to link the play. Last season it was Coutinho or Sterling. This season it will probably be Lallana; but he was unavailable today due to injury.  What all this meant was that Liverpool had three players in midfield who were all too similar, none of whom really wanted to offer themselves for a pass, whilst under pressure, in the final third of the field. The result of this was that players like Sterling, Coutinho and Sturridge in the front three had to drop deep far too often, turning into trouble in deep lying areas with very little outlet. With Lallana due to return to training next week; you would be certain that this problem will be overcome. The ex Southampton man is most at home in that final third, where he relishes receiving the ball under pressure, his low centre of gravity, quick feet and eye for a pass (and a goal) an asset that will have Sturridge, Sterling and Coutinho licking their lips. With that said; you would presume that outside of any signings yet to come; the strongest most fluid XI would read Mignolet, Manquillo, Lovren, Skrtel, Moreno, Gerrard, Henderson, Lallana, Sterling, Sturridge, Coutinho.

I spoke last week about how for me, Coutinho can go a long way to offsetting the loss of Suarez. The Brazillian is a little genius, and a world class match winner. The big task for Rodgers is getting the performances out of him consistently, for 90 minutes. At times he can be guilty of disappearing in games and it has been noticeable that when he doesn’t start well, he generally won’t be at the races. If Rodgers can extract the maximum from him, then his South American counterpart will soon be relegated to fans memory banks.

Before I sign off, a mention also for Jordan Henderson. In his first season at the club, when he was often played out of position and carried the burden of the heavy price tag; many fans made him the custom scapegoat. Unfairly. Right now, he deservedly is one of the first names on the team sheet. His effortless work rate and ability to offer himself for a pass is infectious; he never hides and his determination to go through two challenges this afternoon, before releasing the inch perfect ball for Sterling to slot home the first goal was outstanding.

Onwards to City a week Monday now and the test of the Champions.


Shankly Family Story: Paint spillage and ripping out apple trees!

The second installment of my interview with my mum,  Jeanette Shankly.

A entertaining follow up from the extremely popular ‘Shankly the Driver’ article published a few weeks back.

Here we will talk about what Shanks was like round the house and how he handled DIY.

It may come as no shock at all to many of you, having read ‘Shankly the Driver’, that his disastrous skills were not exclusively poor behind the wheel. They also but extended to his home improvement skills too.

Mum happily conveys that Grandy did not feel that because he ran one of the biggest football clubs in the world he should be excused from domestic chores. Far from it. Instead he keenly put himself forward as the man of the house when it came to maintenance and repair.

No use crying over spilled paint

Sadly his enthusiasm wasn’t met with the same level of quality finish.

“He was poor at DIY and home related chores. On one occasion he attempted to paint the loft cover and ended up spilling the entire contents of the can of paint down the stairs.

We had the front garden wall re-pointed one day; and when he came home; he saw that the pavement and path was a bit messy from the job that had been done. He got out the hose to clean it all down; but sprayed the wall itself and washed out all of the re-pointing that had just been freshly done.

When we first moved to Bellefield, your Nanny Ness picked out which wallpaper she wanted for each room; but he ended up putting the wrong paper up in the wrong rooms!”

Greenfingers Shankly

It seems also; that his domestic mishaps weren’t just related to general DIY, but also apparent in the garden.

“He loved the garden and again; tried to help out. He cut the grass quite often and that was fine, but there were other times when his ability to come a cropper came about.

Your Nan would often plant bedding plants and flowers; but he would come along and end up either ripping them out or cutting them down as he thought they were weeds!

On one occasion, we came home to find he had cut out an entire apple tree thinking is was nothing more than a weed!”

Like grandfather like grandson

Hearing such stories about Grandy from mum brings a smile to my face, as well as hers. It is lovely to see her remembering such instances so fondly. Naturally this brings her to the extensive comparisons between Grandy and I which everyone has always made, with us being extremely similar.

You will all recall in a former blog on here, the story where mum found me cleaning the cooker after we had lost to Leeds at Anfield some years ago. Mum recounted the story saying she was shocked and felt she’d seen the ghost of Grandy in the kitchen as when Liverpool lost, he too came home and cleaned the cooker (something I hadn’t known at the time!).

It has to be said that I am something of an obsessively clean person, especially round the house, with a slight touch of OCD some may say. It comes as no surprise therefore that mum relays to me that Grandy was

“Immaculate round the house, and nothing was ever out of order.”

Mend and make do

As we come to the end of the conversation; she recalls another story fondly that pops into her head. Grandy’s dad was a tailor and made suits and other clothing. Therefore Grandy also had an aptitude for this sort of thing and was skilled with a needle and thread.

The problem however was that he may have been too skilled.

Mum recalls,

“He could sew really well as his dad had taught him how to when he was little, but he had a knack for sewing stuff too tight, especially buttons. It would be that bad that you actually couldn’t fasten anything. He bought me a brand new leather jacket and took it upon himself to give the buttons a bit of a once over. I couldn’t wear it after that as it wouldn’t fasten!”


Christopher William Shankly Carline


Welcome to Simon Ward. Our 1st Guest Blogger on……a modern day perspective on the scale of Shanks’ achievements

Derby County are currently stuck in the Skybet Championship, and have not been in footballs top flight for six years. They have a relatively new manager, Steve Mclaren, who joined the club after spells at places like Middlesborough, a forgetful spell at England, Dutch side FC Twente and more recently;  Nottingham Forest. Despite having success in the past like winning league titles in the 1970’s, a generation of Derby County supporters now can only dream of even reaching the Premier League, and then hopefully fighting to stay there. Winning a major trophy isn’t even a dream, it’s a fantasy.

I dare you to pick up your phone right now, call the league sponsors Skybet, and ask for odds on this:- Derby County winning the Premier League title in 2019, then the FA Cup in 2020, then the League again the year after, while reaching the Europa League final in the same season. Yes, ask for Derby County. Dont ask for odds on Premiership big boys Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool or Everton. Ask for Derby County.

I wouldn’t recommend it, as by the time the person on the other end of the phone had stopped laughing, your phone bill would cost more than Wayne Rooney’s hairpiece. Whether it was Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Joachim Low or anyone else that had just taken over Derby County, the response would be the same. I should point out; no offence intended to Derby County who are a great club with great fans; they are merely the vehicle by which I aim to make my point, which is thus.

In December 1959, Liverpool FC were 8th in Division 2 (now the “Skybet Championship”), and had not been in Division 1 for over five years. LFC’s new manager had previously managed unfashionable clubs like Grimsby, Carlisle, Workington and Huddersfield Town. Dreams of winning any trophy were almost non-existent, after only 5 league titles in their previous 67 year history, and had almost no chance of promotion since being relegated in 1954.

You probably already know this, but I wont get bored of repeating it. While clubs like Derby County are in the Skybet Championship now, Liverpool FC are still widely regarded as Englands most succesful club ever. Here we go…..

We have won 18 League titles. We are one of only 4 teams on the continent to have won 5 European Cups. When not winning the European Cup, we have won 3 UEFA Cups. Before 1959 Liverpool had not won the FA Cup, and since then we have won 7. Add to this 8 League Cups, and it is no suprise that Wembley was once nicknamed Anfield South.

Liverpool’s new manager in 1959 was Bill Shankly. I was born in 1979, so was too young to know who he really was without watching old videos and, when pretending to do homework, reading my dad’s Liverpool FC books.

In the 1980’s, Liverpool had hardly been out of the top two in the top league since I had been born. I was reading books that said it took this manager nearly three years just to get promoted to the top league. At the time, as a young lad, to be honest, I thought so what? It was only Division 2. I was 11 years old, and I had just sat in the Kemlyn Road stand to see Liverpool lift another League title at Anfield, in 1990, against ironically; Derby County. My team was the best in the country. When growing up, in the 80’s, LFC won everything. As a kid, I thought it just happened, all of the time. Liverpool won trophies most of the time, another team won something occasionally, but we normally won it back soon after. It was almost routine.

Now, 24 years and no league titles later, I realise how that Division 2 league title win was the biggest day in Liverpool Football Club’s history.

We rightly so talk about Rome, Wembley, Paris, erm Rome again or Istanbul.
We rightly so talk about captains like Yeats, Smith, Hughes, Thompson Souness and Hansen lifting the league title.
We rightly so talk about Inter Milan and Leeds in 65, Moenchengladbach in 73, Supersub & Joeys Frogs legs in 77, Kennys chip in 78.
We rightly so talk about Barney Rubble in 81, Brucie’s Jelly legs in 84, Rushie breaking the camera in 86, or Rushie back at Wembley in 1989.

They wouldn’t have happened without Liverpool being dragged out of Division 2 after eight long years. This amazing, unsurpassed period of glory, to make Liverpool the most succesful club in England, all began from Bill Shankly leading Liverpool out of little Division 2 in 1962. Ron Yeats, Ian St John, Gerry Byrne, Ronnie Moran, Ian Callaghan and Roger Hunt were all in Bill Shankly’s team in this Division 2 winning season.

Two years later, they were all League champions. QPR, Leicester and Burnley have all been promoted this year. How many of their players will lift the Premier League trophy in 2016? I’ll bet you right now that none of their managers will even be in a job in two years time.

Amazingly, the FA cup arrived for the first time a year later, and the League title the year after that. Liverpool FC, relegated in 1954, not promoted until 1962, had now won the League title twice by 1966, won the FA Cup, got to a European Cup semi final, and got to European Cup Winners Cup final. Add to that, a young man called Roger Hunt, who flourished under Bill Shankly to become Liverpool’s second greatest ever goal scorer, won the World Cup in the same year.

Cast your mind back to last seasons title race. It was brilliant, it was mental, it was torture at times. Even though we missed out, it was great. Well, imagine how that would have felt in 1964, going one step better, just two years after being promoted, after eight barren years in the wilderness of the Skybet Championship.

Do you reckon any Derby County fans are dreaming of that right now?

With a new team, in a new decade, and two previous years of going close to more honours, our first European trophy was won in 1973, the UEFA Cup, which was much more coveted than it is now. It came along with another League title. A second FA Cup soon followed in 1974.

After over 14 years as Liverpool manager, by 1974 Liverpool FC had gone from Division 2 to a team consistently recognised and feared across England & Europe. When watching those Liverpool video’s as a kid, I laughed at the footage of the ITV reporter telling fans in the street that Shankly had retired. A young kid nearly cried. Grown men were speechless, some even said he was lying. There were no Smartphones, Sky Sports News, or even teletext then, so hardly anyone believed him.

No other manager had ever led their team to such heights and success, so I dont think they wanted to believe him. It might have been different if they realised how strong the foundations were that he had left. His backroom staff, Paisley, Fagan, Moran and Bennett stayed at Liverpool after Bill Shankly retired. It meant that even though LFC and the fans had lost Bill Shankly’s personality, passion, inspiration and memorable quotes, these men gave Liverpool continuity. They had learnt from the best, a unique man, a one off.

Stars like Hunt Yeats Byrne and St John had been replaced by other players like Hughes, Thompson, Toshack and Keegan before Bill Shankly had retired. In 1977, after two more league titles, Liverpool brought big ears home for the first time, and three more European Cups soon followed in the next seven years. The manager and coaches had all learned the Bill Shankly way, and the supporters reaped the rewards. Local lads like Ian Callaghan and Tommy Smith were still around for that day in Rome 1977, even though they had helped us win the league in 1964. Even though Bill Shankly was no longer at the club, his influence was everywhere as the trophies rolled in.

This is probably very familiar to all Liverpool fans by now, but it shouldn’t just be taken for granted. Just as Derby County can give us a comparison to how amazing it would be in the modern day, look at what happened last year at Old Trafford.

Fergie had amazing success for over 20 years, lets be honest. Now look what happened after he left. How were the foundations? History had repeated itself, as the same thing happened when Matt Busby left Utd in the 1970’s. They sunk.

It didn’t happen when Bill Shankly left Liverpool. It is only in the last few recent years, when I see how only a few teams in modern football actually get the chance to win trophies or even challenge for the league title, that I realise how amazing Bill Shankly’s contribution to Liverpool FC was, and how lucky we have been.

So many teams have had success and then slipped away(including Liverpool in later years), some have been lower down the leagues and settled for it year in year out, and some have slipped down even further. Even though another manager may have won more trophies here, there are Shankly Gates and a statue in place at Anfield. It is because he is second to absolutely nobody else.

Apart from Tom Watson in 1896, he is Liverpool’s longest serving manager. Other managers have won some great things at the club, and given us some incredible memories, like Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan, Kenny, Houllier and Rafa. We have been lucky enough to have our own Knight of the Kop, Roger Hunt, Royalty like King Kenny, and even God to worship over the last 50 years.

None of them even comes close to the effect Bill Shankly had on Liverpool FC, as none of that success would have happened without him. Everyone of them would agree with me on that, too.

His statue outside his beloved Kop reads “He made the people happy.” He still does, and always will. We are Liverpool, because of Bill Shankly

By Simon Ward

August 2014

Follow Simon on Twitter on @SiWard2505

The Process Behind Creating The Shankly Brand

I’ve frequently spoken in previous blogs about how it is important for us to keep fans, visitors and customers involved in the process of ‘creating The Shankly’. When we eventually open I want the people to feel a bond and ownership with the newest Liverpool hotel.

When we get fully on site, we will be sharing photos and videos of progress throughout and asking fans for their ideas and suggestions.

The ideas behind the brand

This week we embarked upon one of the most important aspects of the process; the creation of our ‘branding’.

As conveyed in other blogs, from the start I have stated the hotel must feel welcoming for everyone. Whether they are football fans (Reds or not) or simply people who are visiting our great city to enjoy all it has to offer. Even those just wanting to enjoy a night or two in a quality Liverpool hotel where their every whim will be catered for.




In conjunction with this I’ve stated that the hotel is to be about celebrating Bill Shankly himself. The man he was, what he achieved and all he stood for. In short the influence he had on people he knew and places he visited.

With all this in mind, given we are talking about protecting and enhancing the legacy of a genuine legend; the task of designing the brand is one that any design associate would relish sinking their teeth into.

And my how they have.



Retelling the Bill Shankly legend

As Bill Shankly’s Grandson, I have conveyed to designers all the I could detail about his life. His likes and loves, combined with all the stories and information the public already knew about him. All in the hopes of giving an in depth insight into his life.

Deciding The Shankly Brand

From here we can produce a brand design that fits the bill including all requirements stated above.

Already, we have had some fantastic design suggestions and are close to signing something off to share with you all which I’m really excited about doing.

Stay tuned to here and to our Twitter @ShanklyHotel and Facebook for an exclusive reveal of the brand for the newest Liverpool hotel in the coming weeks.

Christopher William Shankly Carline


The Five Most Iconic Shankly Images

When you hear the words Bill Shankly, various images spring to mind. These images are what capture him as the powerful, determined, and loved manager of Liverpool who is still etched in our memories today.
Here are just five of our favourites, which we think shows Shanks’ passion for the beautiful game.


Bill Shankly leading out LFC before the FA cup final, 1974

Bill Shankly leads out the Liverpool side for the FA cup final. 7th May 1974.
In this game, Liverpool lost to Arsenal during extra time.
Bill is smartly dressed in his tie and collar, even on a hot day. He has his hand on his heart and a Liverpool football club badge on his lapel.

Shankly looking straight into the camera, looking thoroughly self-assured and you can just imagine how the players must have been so inspired having a man such as him leading them out!


Shankly celebrates with the kop

Liverpool manager Bill Shankly rejoices with the Kop after Liverpool secured the football league championship with a draw against Leicester City at Anfield on 27th April 1973.
With his LFC scarf on and fists out, the spectators at the ground reach out to him like some sort of managerial demigod.

This really sums up what Shanks was about, he was in it for the fans and wanted to make them happy most of all.


Shankly leading out Preston FC

Shankly leads out Preston North End in 1948, a year before he left the club.
He went straight into management after his playing career was over, despite feeling like he had more to give. He firstly went to Carlisle, and then with Grimsby, Workington and Huddersfield.
It was when he joined Liverpool as their manager in 1959 that his legend really began to take shape.


Bill playing football with locals at Huddersfield

This is Bill during his time managing at Huddersfield FC.
Rumour has it that, he was always up for playing football with Dads and lads on the park somewhere in Huddersfield town. The local press must have learned of this and went to watch and took photographs. There’s Shankly going up for a header and you can be sure that whatever side he was playing on, they would keep going until his team won!



Shanks revels in the ambience of The Kop after losing to Arsenal in the 1971 FA Cup Final.
Despite the score, the Reds came back to the city to an incredible homecoming.
The supporters were all cheering and showing their support for Shankly and his players. Steve Hale stood on St George’s plateau and was amongst a bunch of other photographers who called out to Bill Shankly to turn around and face them. Then a succession of images that terminated with this one.


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So what can you expect from the Shankly Hotel?

In my very first blog post; I made reference to conveying at some point; just exactly what you can expect from The Shankly Hotel and its associated amenities. Hopefully I can give some insight now.

It may sound a cliché but the first thing to note is that this hotel is for the people and for the fans. We’ve all seen the quotes from Grandy about his socialism and we have all read the stories about his compassion and dedication to the people and fans. The strap line on his statue; “He made the people happy,” is not there by mere coincidence. He did.

When he arrived at Liverpool Football Club, he called it a club of the people. That is what we want the hotel to feel like to visitors and fans. What we want to do is provide a genuine all encompassing experience for fans and people, a football orientated one or not, people will leave the hotel having felt welcomed, looked after, intrigued, amazed, pampered and having thoroughly enjoyed there time there; and looking forward to their next visit.

The hotel will be I suppose, a building version of Grandy. Encompassing all his warmth, his intrigue, his originality, his uniqueness, his boldness, and his sheer desire to be the best!

The hotel will be about Shankly the man. Celebrating his life, his achievements, what he stood for and who he was as a person, and the people he influenced and who influenced him. It is me as his grandson who is behind the project with Signature Living, who’s track record of delivery across this great City with hotels is rivalled by none, and a company who’s ethos absolutely ties with that of Bill Shankly and everything conveyed above.

With it being a family venture; supported by my mum, Jeanette Shankly who was of course Bill’s daughter; we will be offering an exclusive trip through Bill Shankly’s life, from birth to death and beyond; through a never before seen exhibit of family memorabilia that really is a jaw dropping view. The museum will only compliment everything else on offer at the hotel, from the accommodation through to the bar and restaurant and the fabulous wedding and function facilities that will also be on offer. All will follow a Shankly theme to offer an unparalleled unique experience for guests and a never before seen level of insight into Grandy’s life.

Exclusive family stories and anecdotes will be accessible, with members of the family (myself included); on hand to offer a personal touch with guests.

If you are a football fan; it will appeal to fans of all clubs; as visitors will quickly realise that Shankly touched many fans of many clubs, and we can guarantee you will go away knowing something you didn’t before you visited; whilst fans will come away knowing the answer to all those questions about Shankly and his sentiments towards Everton in the wake of his retirement from Liverpool, with memorabilia to back it up! The hotel will offer a unique football experience to fans, offering accommodation, a trip on the exclusive Shankly tour of the city (currently being designed and firmed up as we speak  – hot off the press and a complete exclusive), visit to the museum, interaction with the family and events with former players and managers as we link up with the 5 Times Co – Former Players and Managers Association.

The hotel will be flexible in design and feel; to ensure it caters for every kind of visitor. Whether you are a fantatical football fan visiting the city for the match, in large or small numbers, the hotel will provide an unrivalled offer; or whether you are a large group or a couple or family who are visiting the city for business or merely to check out its other endless tourist offers; the hotel will once again cater for your every whim and need with its unique décor and feel plus commitment to ensuring that visitors and guests get to experience an unforgettable visit to Shankly’s Liverpool. The place he loved the most.

Christopher William Shankly Carline

August 2014