The Great Rodgers Debate – Fact vs Fickle

I have to say; if I am being honest, I’m quite fed up with the whole Brendan Rodgers debate and the quite incessant talk of Jurgen Klopp who is starting to sound more and more like some mythical god or holy grail.

The problem we have however is that it is a hot topic and if you are a Liverpool fan you can’t fail to have an opinion.

Cards on the table, I have been one of the most vocal supporters of Rodgers and whilst I am being truthful; I do have to say; I really don’t know if I want him to go or not.

Football is a fickle game, it is a fact, and we are all guilty of grass is always greener syndrome. All you can do is look at the situation and try to make an informed opinion on it, as at the end of the day, there is only one man who makes the call on Rodgers and that is John W. Henry unless of course Brendan took matters into his own hands!

I like Brendan Rodgers and I think he is a good manager. I like his football philosophy and his ideas on how the game should be played. As I said, football is fickle and not 2 years ago, the man nearly won Liverpool the Premier League against all odds. As Tim Sherwood rightly said, if he had, he could have been at Real Madrid with Liverpool struggling to hold onto him. These are the fine lines you deal in with modern football.

The reason I have more sympathy for him than many is down to the fact regarding the conditions he is working to. Like it or not, everybody knows that Liverpool have a transfer committee and that Brendan Rodgers is only a part of that rather than being a absolute deciding factor in who should and shouldn’t be signed. In that respect, when players are ‘forced’ on you who aren’t your own choices; it is difficult to build a team to operate in your image; and instead; you are required to make players fit where you possibly can to try and do a job that in many cases they may not be capable of.

It is down to this in my opinion; that we have seen the recent Liverpool sides look like they lack a game plan of any sort; or any kind of discernable ‘plan’ on how to go about each game. Rodgers has had to see his philosophy and ideology bleed into a hybrid of what he wants and what he is forced to work with and the result is what we are seeing on the pitch now and it isn’t good. The team look lost and it transpires into asking the question from the players body language as to whether or not he has lost the dressing room; and when you get to that stage you rightly do start questioning your manager.

My point however is; ‘is it his fault?’ given my earlier point regarding the transfer committee etc? There is a real case to say it is not and that he is working with his hands tied.

It also leads you to the next questions as to whether if this is the case; won’t any manager befall the same problems?

People are crying out for Klopp and I like the guy I do; so if he ends up here, I won’t be unhappy. But is he going to guarantee results? And we all know what comes with a new manager. Paying off of the old managers staff, bringing in the new managers own staff, claims that the new manager needs to sign his own players to fit his own system and therefore the onset of the systematic dismantling of the old managers team and before we know it, we’re in another 5 year plan, with massive outlay, little recouping of the money on outgoing players and no guarantees whatsoever of success. I have to say; that worries me greatly and the concern for me is that we really will end up cementing ourselves as a mid table team resorting to clinging to a history that we rightly so should be proud of; but that carries little weight in the modern game, with modern players and fans.

The natural instinct when it is isn’t going right is to knee jerk to plump for change; and I have to say, I used to be the same and of course I’ve looked at it and considered it. BUT; maybe there needs to be a wider appreciation of fact before fickle wins the day. I must be growing up!


Experience The Bastion Bar & Restaurant’s Private Dining Room

The Bastion Bar & Restaurant has proven popular with the public since we first opened our doors on 15th August 2015. Just over one month later, we are happy to announce you can now book an event in a new private dining room in Liverpool.

No matter the occasion

If you are looking for an intimate venue with your loved ones, you just have to consider our new private dining room in Liverpool city centre. Seating up to 80 guests it’s  ideal for a variety of occasions. A birthday meal, baby shower, engagement dinner, a wedding or an anniversary celebration. Whatever the occasion, you should contact The Bastion Bar & Restaurant.


Inside the venue

Our private dining room offers an elegant backdrop to help you celebrate in utter style. We can also design the room in a number of ways to complement your needs and taste. Offering beautiful high ceilings, an impeccable interior design and fantastic service, you can enjoy wonderful moments that will create lifelong memories.

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Stay the night

Not only can you book our private dining room to celebrate an occasion with loved ones, you can also book a stay at The Shankly Hotel. Our rooms offer single and double bed configurations, a 50 inch smart TV, Xbox One console with free game hire (subject to availability), a Bluetooth music system and an en-suite bathroom with a double Jacuzzi bath. The perfect way to end a fantastic night in The Bastion Bar & Restaurant.

Our talented chefs can create delicious dishes for you and your guests to enjoy, and we have an extensive drinks menu to suit all guests’ preferences. So, if you would like to experience the beauty of our new private dining room, all you have to do is call us now on 0151 236 0166 or email to make a booking.

Nessie’s Afternoon Tea at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant

Nessie Shankly, the wife of the late, great Bill Shankly, would often play the dutiful host when his fans would knock on the door, inviting them in for a cup of tea and some cake. As a tribute to Nessie’s hospitality, The Bastion Bar & Restaurant is now offering ‘Nessie’s Afternoon Tea’.

Nessie Shankly The Bastion

Nessie’s Afternoon Tea will be served every day from 12 ’til 5pm, offering a wonderful selection of delicious finger sandwiches, scrummy cakes, mini milkshakes and, of course, a cup of tea or coffee. If you really want an experience to remember, you can add a glass of bubbles to your order.

This amazing service is available from just £19.95 per person. You can therefore enjoy a variety of indulgent treats at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant, in addition to exploring never-seen-before Bill Shankly memorabilia. You can explore our beautiful bar and restaurant, which offers items from the Shankly family’s private collection. Memorabilia includes Shankly’s original LFC contract, his famous typewriter and his personal clothing.

The Bastion Afternoon Tea

Want to enjoy the very best we have to offer? In addition to booking Nessie’s Afternoon Tea, you can also book a stay at The Shankly Hotel – which offers rooms that are as timeless as Bill Shankly himself. Each room comes with single or double bed configurations, a double Jacuzzi bath, a 50″ smart TV, WiFi and an Xbox One console (subject to availability). It’s therefore the perfect treat for yourself or a loved one.

If you would like to book afternoon tea at our new Liverpool restaurant and bar, call us today on 0151 236 0166 or email

Eden Weddings to Open in January 2016

Phase two will soon begin at Millennium House. Following the successful opening of The Shankly Hotel and The Bastion Bar & Restaurant, we are delighted the 250 cover Eden Wedding venue is on schedule to open in January 2016.

The Signature Living project will ensure every happy couple who passes through the building’s doors will have a magical wedding day.

The Eden Wedding venue

Guests can choose to have a wedding in our beautiful suite, which offers floor to ceiling windows and a fantastic view of the iconic Liverpool skyline. Also many famous landmarks such as the Three Graces, Liver Building, Pier Head and the buzzing city below are visible.

Alternatively, you can select our fabulous rooftop garden that spans an incredible 15,000 square feet and includes an infinity pool.

Liverpool Wedding Venue

Whatever your preference, both the newlyweds and their guests will enjoy a romantic backdrop they’ll never forget. A talented and experienced wedding coordinator will also be available to ensure your day is stress-free and runs smoothly – as no request is too big or too small for our team.

If you are planning a Liverpool wedding in 2016 and beyond, consider our Eden Wedding venue for a truly unforgettable day. We will create a wedding day as perfect as you both are for one another.

For more information, call 0151 236 0166 or email Our helpful, friendly team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the venue.

Explore Shankly Memorabilia at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant

The Bastion Bar & Restaurant allows diners to explore the life and career of Liverpool’s legendary manager through amazing Bill Shankly memorabilia. Our Liverpool hotel is a joint venture between the Shankly family and Signature Living, and allows guests to view everything from Shankly clothing to his famous typewriter.

The Shankly family have donated memorabilia from their private collection so guests can learn more about the world famous football manager. Liverpool became Shankly’s home, even after he retired from managing Liverpool FC.


You can view fan letters to Bill Shankly in our comfortable and stylish waiting room, as well as his prized typewriter, which he used to regularly write back to fans – and you can see these letters within the restaurant.

Take a look at Shankly’s MBE, his telegram from the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, and his original LFC contract. There’s so much to see at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant, and you can even enjoy delicious drinks and food as you soak it all in. Football fans across the world will not want to miss out on this unique experience.

JF96 Wall


The loss of the 96 lives at the Hillsborough disaster is very much at the heart of the city of Liverpool, and families across the city are still waiting for justice for their loved ones. To commemorate the lives lost, 96 candles are featured on wall of hotel and restaurant – and are lit by our staff every single day.

The Bastion Bar & Restaurant


You can enjoy a range of incredible meals at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant. You can enjoy a mouth-watering beer and burger, a fresh, crisp salad or our range of amazing pizzas.

When it comes to drinks, you’ll be spoiled for choice. You can enjoy everything from a bottle of Merlot to an ice cold beer.

The Bastion Bar & Restaurant cocktails

We also offer a wide variety of cocktails for you to choose from, including The Liverpool G’n’T, an Old-fashioned, a Classic Champagne Cocktail, a Long Island Iced Tea and more.

If you would like to explore the Bill Shankly memorabilia for yourself – and enjoy a delicious meal and drinks – book a table at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant by calling 0151 236 0166 or email

John Aldridge to Host the Man Utd vs. Liverpool Game

The football season is back – and one of the most intense games will take place on Saturday 12th September. That’s right, we’re talking about the Manchester United vs. Liverpool game.

Obviously us here at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant are backing Shankly’s LFC – so much so that the game will be hosted by none other than Liverpool legend John Aldridge. Yeah, we’re excited, too!


Not only will John be hosting the event from 4.30pm, he’ll also be on hand to socialise with guests prior to the game, and will join us in our sleek new restaurant to enjoy the match. You can even hear John Aldridge’s post-match analysis session and he’ll have a Q&A with guests. This is a unique football experience you won’t want to miss!

If that wasn’t enough, you can also dine at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant as you watch the match, as we’re offering a delicious burger and cold beer for just £15. We also have a fantastic selection of drink offers, with orders served to your table as you watch the big game.


Football, beer, burger and an LFC legend – sounds like a great Saturday, right? Well, it could be. All you have to do is pre-book a table by calling 0151 236 0166.

Drinks & 40 Winks at The Shankly Hotel

Our goal is to provide all our guests will an unforgettable experience for an affordable price – which is why The Shankly Hotel and The Bastion Bar & Restaurant is delighted to provide our amazing Drinks & 40 Winks offer.

The Offer

The Shankly hotel Liverpool hotel room The Bastion Bar & Restaurant Breakfast

From just £99 per couple, Drinks & 40 Winks includes:

• A one night stay at The Shankly Hotel

• Breakfast in the Shankly Bar & Restaurant

• Bubbly or beers upon arrival

• En suite bathroom with a double Jacuzzi

• 50″ smart TV

• An Xbox One games console with free game hire (subject to availability)

Each and every room within The Shankly Hotel has been designed with comfort and style in mind, ensuring you both have an amazing time at our Liverpool hotel.

The Bastion Bar & Restaurant also features genuine Bill Shankly memorabilia from the Shankly family’s collection, as well as donations from the public and organisations.

Drinks & 40 Winks is available at just £99 per couple from Sunday to Thursday, and is £119 per couple for a Friday stay.

For the ultimate football stay in Liverpool, make The Shankly Hotel your first and only port of call. To book the Drinks & 40 Winks package, just give our helpful team a call today on 0151 236 0166 or email