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10 Reasons to Stay at The Shankly Hotel

Posted on 26.05.2016

You could live in Liverpool all your life and still not experience everything our remarkable city has to offer. However, if there is one thing you must add to the top of your bucket list, it’s a stay at The Shankly Hotel.

Here are 10 great reasons why you must book a stay with us.

1. Our amazing location

The Shankly Hotel is set within the heart of Liverpool, one of the most vibrant cities the UK has to offer and home to a selection of the UK’s finest architecture. Guests are able to saunter the city taking in breath-taking buildings and monuments, whilst staying close to their accommodation. Making The Shankly Hotel the perfect base for those hoping to explore the city.

2. The award winning staff service

Shankly Hotel Staff service

Being able to boast an amazing trio of industry awards is, in no small part, down to the customer service at The Shankly Hotel. After having earned the Liverpool Enterprise Partnership award for ‘Best Newcomer’, the ‘Simply the Guest Award’ from laterooms.com and being voted as the number one hotel on TripAdvisor. The team at The Shankly Hotel can proudly claim the best available guest customer service as their own.

3. Easy to access to the International Mersey River Festival

The scene at Canning and Salthouse docks will once again be dominated by a host of sails and masts as we welcome the International River Mersey Festival. Visitors to The Shankly Hotel are a short walk away from this free festival that offers a variety of wondrous water-based spectacles. This year there are some wonderful new additions to look forward to.

See the high speed British Racing Thundercats speeding down the Mersey reaching speeds in excess of 65mph. Witness wakeboarding pros perform death defying stunts and tricks, as the Industry Pro Wakeboarding Tour join the celebrations.

All this and live music with street performances makes this year’s festival stand out from previous years. A great reason to be staying at The Shankly.

4. The Fabulous Father’s Day offers

Sunday roast Bastion Bar and Restaurant

For your hero dad, there is no greater experience than that to be had at The Shankly Hotel. Treat the old man to a city break in a hotel sure to pique his interest.

No father could resist time immersed in our one of a kind Shankly themed accommodation, complete with genuine Shankly memorabilia. There is an impressive collection of hand written notes and letters – even his iconic tracksuit is on display!

You can go that step further and celebrate with a gastronomic Father’s Day feast in The Bastion Bar & Restaurant.

Sunday lunch, including a pint, is available for £19.95pp for a table of four.

The best part is dad goes free! Spoil the greatest man in your life this year with a visit to The Shankly Hotel, making it one he won’t forget.

5. To stay in the city of sound

Always able to promise a spot of live music, Liverpool is home to a number of the chart topping greats. This bank holiday goes a step further than usual as the city is submersed in a crowd of festival goers here to attend Liverpool’s number one music festival, Sound City.

Sound City is sponsored by local businesses, as well as giant global brands, making Liverpool the best place to be this weekend.

Join the city in celebration whether you’re attending the festival itself or just in the city, you can expect to experience the vibes from Sound City anywhere in Liverpool city centre.

6. To enjoy the start of British sunshine

Set amongst a variety of outdoor urban venues, The Shankly Hotel is a great place to set off from when trying to catch those rare rays of British summer sun. With the water front a 5-minute walk down the road and Liverpool One’s Chavasse Park even closer, Liverpool becomes the greatest place to enjoy a city picnic.

Forget venturing to the far reaches of the English countryside, Liverpool city centre can offer you a slice of nature as well as all the great features of the city, too.

7. To enjoy the greatest group accommodation

Going on a trip with all your friends can often turn into to a logistical nightmare. Trying to get everyone into one hotel or apartment can be met with rules and regulations defeating the object of you being together.

At The Shankly Hotel, our rooms and suites and tailored to accommodate groups in complete style and luxury. Equipped with quality kitchens, dining areas and huge bathroom suites, our groups of guests can experience time away hassle-free and in great company.

So forget the usual rules and regulations, and visit a hotel where you and your friends can enjoy time spent together.

8. Learn about The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Bill Shankly

Shankly Hotel Reception

Whether you are a football fan or not, Bill Shankly is a name that goes hand in hand when thinking of the city of Liverpool. The iconic history of Bill Shankly’s story is displayed across The Shankly Hotel for all to see.

Guests are greeted in reception with a montage honouring the time he spent with Liverpool as one of the greatest football team managers of all time.

Spread across The Bastion Bar & Restaurant are selections of memorabilia, provided generously by the Shankly family. In addition to the museum guests can then further immerse themselves in the story of Bill Shankly’s life when entering their room. Small stories and experts from his life have been inlaid into the ceilings, allowing guests to learn more about Liverpool FC’s legendary hero. Experience the level of pride that Liverpool still holds for Bill Shankly during your stay.

9. Dine at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant

When you have seen all you care to of our fair city and you’ve had a long day full of exploration, sunshine and live music, The Bastion Bar & Restaurant is a space where you and your guests can soak up the relaxing atmosphere and enjoy some first class dining. Step outside the comfort of your room and head to the in house splendor of The Bastion Bar & Restaurant. Let your taste buds be tantalised with the mouth-watering menu, supplying a vast choice of top quality classic dishes. Enjoy the finest definitively English dishes, all adapted to suit a fine diner’s palette.

10. Our fantastic tailored offers

Throughout the year The Shankly Hotel will provide an array of offers tailored to our guests. We can cater to groups of friends, families or couples. In order to make sure you receive the most from your stay, we put together some great inclusive packages. If you are celebrating a special occasion with a loved one, consider our Stay and Dine package, which includes a two course evening meal at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant, an overnight luxury stay and breakfast for the next day for just £138pp.

There are a million reasons to visit The Shankly Hotel. Experience all we have to offer and call 0151 459 3383 or email reservations@shanklyhotel.com to book your visit now.