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8 Things to Look Forward to at the Liverpool Irish Festival

Posted on 13.10.2016

The Liverpool Irish Festival returns to the city to celebrate the unique relationship with Ireland. A showcase event of the very best in music, arts and entertainment.

We’ve long had connections with Ireland and this 10-day long festival celebrates the Irish contribution to Liverpool’s cultural identity and heritage.

There are a plethora of events happening throughout the city during Liverpool Irish Festival and we’re really excited about what’s on offer. The celebrations start today and go on until Sunday 23rd October, and we’ve listed the top 8 things you can look forward to.

Lots of Dancing

The Irish are well known for their dancing and you can expect to see lots of Irish dancing over the course of the next 10 days. As the drinks flow and the inhibitions start to fade, we’re sure there will be some spectacular dancing on show for all to enjoy.

Sense of Community

Scousers and Irish have long had a strong bond, with many sharing ancestries.

This bond is celebrated during the Liverpool Irish Festival and you really do get an impeccable sense of community. Everyone is friendly and everyone is in good spirits ensuring that this festival is one to remember.

Delicious Food

From Scouse to Irish stew, we guarantee you’ll find some delicious food on offer at Liverpool’s Irish Festival. Both Scousers and the Irish are renowned for their love of good, home cooked food. This year  we’re really looking forward to seeing all the stops being pulled out.

Something for the Kids

Liverpool Irish Festival is known for being a fantastic event for all of the family. Whether you have young children, teenagers or fully grown adults, we guarantee there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Liverpool Irish Festival.

There will be a full family day at Museum of Liverpool and the family ceili which have been hugely popular in previous years and are expected again to be utterly brilliant.

Amazing Drinks

As with all festivals, drinks are at the top of the list.

The Irish festival takes place across a number of venues in the city. Some of which are world famous Irish bars sure to be celebrating in style.

Pop into any Irish watering hole for a decent pint, good banter and probably some dancing too.

Soak Up the Heritage

We’ve got oodles of heritage to share and show off, and the Liverpool Irish Festival is going to be showing this off throughout the course of the next 10 days. The whole festival is furthermore extremely educational. Children and adults are able to learn something new about the cities heritage and culture and how this was impacted by the Irish.

You’ll Never Be Bored

You won’t believe how much is planned for the Liverpool Irish Festival.

There is a music evening hosted by Mikey Kenny at the Caledonia, Ceílí class. A social hub and materials library at the Everyman Theatre Street Café and an Irish session at the Caledonia. All showcasing some of the best music and drink in the city.

Opportunity to see Emerging Musicians

Liverpool Irish Festival is a hub for emerging artists and musicians. This means that it is a fantastic place to catch something new and support local bands, both Irish and Liverpudlian.

These gigs are often very intimate and you can really enjoy the music and appreciate their stage presence.