6! Times Liverpool Have Been Absolutely Unbearable

It’s been 66 days – now, isn’t that weird – since Liverpool won the Champions League for the sixth time but the jubilation looks set to continue; despite Liverpool’s Premier League campaign about to get underway.

Unbearable, we know?

So, with celebrations ongoing, hangovers subsiding and banners still up we thought, with Liverpool’s Premier League campaign just days away, we’d take a look at six – oh look, there’s that number again – times Liverpool were absolutely unbearable.

1. Monthiversary

Liverpool’s Premier League campaign was just 38 days away when Mo Salah decided to celebrate his monthiversary – how unbearable. That’s right, the Egyptian King and Champions League winner was too busy celebrating this monumental achievement rather than preparing for Liverpool’s Premier League campaign – what an amateur.

I mean, we get it, you scored the second-quickest goal in Champions League Final history and 27 goals in total, but do you really need to go on about it.

With operation unbearable in full swing, we can only dread the sixmonthiversary.

2. Operation Unbearable – Glastonbury

When not lording it over Gary Neville on Monday Night Football, Jamie Carragher made an appearance at Glastonbury this summer. Rather than preparing to praise and comment on Liverpool’s Premier League campaign – which gets underway on Friday night – Virgil Van Dijk’s predecessor was too busy celebrating still.

We think Carragher was just keen to remind us all that he’s won a Champions League medal as well – but we mean, who hasn’t these days.

Get back to work Jamie, lad!

3. Rhian Brewster – 0 Goals and 0 Appearances


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Making 0 appearances and scoring 0 goals, Rhian Brewster has more Champions League winners’ medals than Michael Owen, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the Brazilian Ronaldo – and for good reason, he’s obviously better than all of them.

The 19-year-old – ay, when you turn the number 9 upside down it looks like a 6; how good’s that – even wore his winners medal while getting his hair cut. Now, how’s that for modest.

We bet the barber found him absolutely unbearable.

4. Let’s Talk About 6 Baby

Who did it best? Salt-n-Pepa or Jurgen Klopp.

Quick to make it all about him – we mean, how selfish; it’s not like you’ve just won the biggest prize in club football or anything – Jurgen Klopp, rather than telling us how he was going to deploy Naby Keita in a more attacking 4-3-3 next season, (with Liverpool’s Premier League Campaign just 66 days away) decided to sing!

Tell us who you’re signing Jurgen, never mind singing Salt-n-Peppa songs. Put that beer down, and will you stop counting!

5. Allez Allez Allez ©

“We’ve conquered all of Europe and copyrighted all our songs,” goes the new chant as the unbearable Reds strike again.


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How intolerable is it that this song has been sung all across Europe – including 2 Champions League Finals and a Europa League Final – and now it looks set to stay with Liverpool’s Premier League Campaign just days away.

Fans singing about and celebrating their team achieving success? The very idea! The absolute cheek! Even Mel Brooks, with his 11 fingers, is a massive red. Get him in the away end!

Oh, you know what: “We’ve conquered all of Europe, we’re never gonna stop!”

6! We’ve Won it Six Times

Us Reds haven’t just been unbearable on one, two or even three occasions; no, we’ve been absolutely unbearable on six occasions – each one more unbearable than the last.

The stunning surroundings made for alright images – especially this one, we mean it’s not the best is it:


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We just hope they stop going on about this Champions League business the moment Liverpool’s Premier League season gets underway.

And please, let’s hope they don’t win the Premier League as well – because I don’t think we could take it.

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