An Epic £99 Offer for a Boys Weekend in Liverpool

What do guys look for when it comes to planning an unforgettable weekend in Liverpool?

A place to stay that’s dry and warm, near to all the best bars and clubs in the city, and of course top-notch grub to satisfy a healthy appetite.

We’ve checked off every one of those essential qualities with our Ultimate Boys Friday Offer at The Shankly Hotel.

So, leave it to us when it comes to planning your next weekend in Liverpool with the lads, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s check off the list of all you’ll need to guarantee a great night out with all the trimmings included.

Item One: Accommodation that won’t break the bank

Shankly Hotel room

Luxurious accommodation that welcomes a group of guys can be hard to come by, especially when you don’t want to fork out a fortune for it.

The Shankly Hotel is the perfect solution to ensuring you and the guys can stay in utter luxury without raiding your life savings. Our luxury rooms and suites can sleep between four and eight guests and have everything a first-class hotel room should.

Larger than life double beds, superbly stylish décor, epic ensuite bathrooms and 50” tvs. All of this is wrapped up nicely into an amazing city centre hotel that welcomes outgoing groups of guys and it’s easy to find.

Item Two: Two out of three square meals a day

Bastion Burger and Beer

A staple of any healthy lad’s diet has to be a burger and beer combo, in The Bastion Bar and Restaurant you and the guys can tuck into a belly bursting burger paired with the perfectly poured pint before your big night out on the town.

Bastion Breakfast

After a heavy one with the guys, there’s only one cure and that’s a Bastion Breakfast buffet, complete with full English fry up, choice of pastries and endless cups of tea or coffee. Don’t stop until you’ve had your fill and feel ready to take on the day.

Item Three: Access to all the fun

The perfect location of The Shankly Hotel puts groups of guys within easy walking distance of the best bits of Liverpool’s famous nightlife.

Steins all round for the boys

No boys weekend in Liverpool would be complete without a stein at Salt Dog Slims, or a chocolate shot at Bar Bodega. Follow all this up with a visit to Alma de Cuba to see the sassy samba dancers shake their stuff and a cocktail or two and Alma’s signature petal shower.

When the last petal has fallen and it’s time to call it a night The Shankly Hotel is less than a few minutes’ walk away.

Bonus Items

The Shankly Hotel is a tribute to one of football’s greatest talents, Liverpool’s most loved manager and all-around man of the people Bill Shankly.

Throughout The Shankly Hotel guests can enjoy displays of memorabilia donated by the Shankly family themselves. Rare photos, medals and correspondence between Bill and his fans or colleagues are laid out for all to see.

Shankly Medals

The Shankly Experience doesn’t have to stop inside the hotel either as our tailored city tours available to groups and give unique views of the city Bill Shankly once called home.

With a choice of packages to suit all interests booking a Shankly Experience Tour would be an ideal activity for a boys weekend in Liverpool. Choose from a Beatles based adventure or match day special where you’ll get to visit the hallowed ground of Anfield.

At The Shankly Hotel we have everything needed to make the ultimate boys weekend in Liverpool unforgettable and with the Ultimate Boys Friday Offer you can enjoy all this for just £99 per lad.

As long as there’s four or more of you this spectacular deal leaves you with plenty of cash to spend on your night out and maybe even spare change to grab yourself some new gear from Liverpool One before you leave.

Call today on 0151 601 8801 to book or email for further information at

4 Top Value Liverpool Food and Drink Offers at The Shankly Hotel

So, date night is coming up and you were supposed to book a great night out in Liverpool but you’re feeling the pinch just before pay day? Not to worry. The Shankly Hotel have four fabulous top value Liverpool food and drink offers for you and that special someone to enjoy.

At the Shankly Hotel’s Bastion Bar and Restaurant, you can choose your meal from a menu filled with gastronomic delights. You can book for a taste of the a la carte menu or go all out and include a bottle of wine too. Whichever you decide your date night will be saved at the Shankly Hotel.

Our stunning Liverpool city centre restaurant is in the ideal location to visit the shops and check out the sights along the way. The chic décor and friendly atmosphere are perfect for spending some of that rare time together after a fun filled day out in Liverpool.

A Low-Cost A La Carte

Our a la carte menu is superb for date night as it comes with an array of sharing dishes that were designed for bringing people together.

For the cheese lovers among you, the Bastion Bar and Restaurant’s molten baked Camembert is a bundle of cheesy excellence. Served with sticky caramelised onion chutney and a stack of crisp bread for dunking. You’ll just have to fight over who gets the last dip.

Enjoy a taste of the orient with an Asian inspired sharing platter. The dish is perfect for two and comes with crispy tempura prawns, duck spring rolls, sweet chilli chicken skewers and Maryland crab cakes all served with sweet chilli and soy dipping sauces.

Another great sharing dish is the double steak fillet served on a sizzling hot stone with rustic hand cut chips, a zingy pepper sauce and a side of vine tomatoes and flat cap mushrooms. The ultimate way to enjoy a great cut of fillet steak is from a hot stone sharing platter at the Bastion Bar and Restaurant.

Push the boat out this date night, but don’t break the bank by taking advantage of our amazing Liverpool food and drink offers and 30% off our entire a la carte menu at the Bastion Bar and Restaurant.

An Excellent Early Bird Offer

The early bird catches more than a worm at the Bastion Bar and Restaurant.

If you have an event planned for date night in Liverpool but you’re struggling to find somewhere special to eat, the Shankly Hotel have an early bird menu designed for just such an occasion.

Our early bird menu was tailored to those who have concert tickets for a live gig in Liverpool or are going to see a play in one of Liverpool’s many theatres. Even though you are sticking to a timetable there’s no need to sacrifice the enjoyment of your meal in the process.

Dishes include classics like rib eye steak and fish and chips, or a touch of the Mediterranean with spinach and ricotta tortellini, pesto and pine nut cream, topped with a parmesan biscuit.

The Bastion Bar and Restaurant early bird menu has a fabulous selection of delicious dishes, and there’s something for everybody’s tastes.

Choose two or three courses served Monday- Thursday before 8 pm and you and your date can dine in style before embarking on the rest of the fun filled evening ahead.

Cocktail classics Two for £10

Date night doesn’t need to include a meal if you eat before you come out you can spend more on drinks too.

For great date night in Liverpool sometimes just drinks will do. Especially if they’re made in the Bastion Bat and Restaurant. Our cocktail menu includes the classic tastes of Long Island Ice Tea, Strawberry Daquiri’s and creamy French Martini’s as well as the more tropical blends of Passion Fruit Caipiroska or the Malibu Wave.

What’s more, the Bastion Bar and Restaurant cocktails are two for £10 all week until 8 pm.

The atmosphere in the Bastion Bar and Restaurant is mellow and friendly, with an eclectic mix of guests all out to enjoy their own night in Liverpool. Because the Bastion Bar and Restaurant has an ideal central location, there’s easy access to Liverpool’s nicest bars and clubs for when you’re ready for a change of scenery.

A wonderful place to start, spend or end a date night in Liverpool with a tasty cocktail or two at the Bastion Bar and Restaurant.

Our Wine and Dine Deal

If you are really trying to impress on this date night, then an amazing wine and dine offer for the Shankly Hotel will do the trick.

Spoil your date rotten with a full 2-course meal and a bottle of wine to share for the evening. The Bastion Bar and Restaurant’s premium wine stores will be sure to amaze even the pickiest of wine palettes, as well as a choice of food from and extensive dinner menu.

No matter what their favourite dish is, the kitchen team in the Bastion Bar and Restaurant will have a dish to suit.

If seafood’s your favourite then try pan seared hake served in a cockle broth, or something from the grill where the famous Shankly Burger is a must.

All the dishes at the Bastion Bar and Restaurant were created using locally sourced produce, as we believe this it’s best way to create delicious tasting home cooked food.

This is the best of our latest Liverpool food and drink offers for you and your date to enjoy a leisurely, tasty meal together accompanied by the finest wine in a memorable and friendly atmosphere.

The Shankly Museum

Shankly Hotel Memorabilia

When the meal is done, the experience doesn’t stop there. You and your date can peruse a huge collection of rare Bill Shankly memorabilia all of which has been donated by the Shankly family and used to preserve the memory of a legend.

Learn more about the greatest player/manager in footballing history, and how his strong family morals and values have helped shape the Shankly Hotel and the Shankly families’ future.

Make this date night memorable, and better still affordable, at the Shankly Hotel with our top value Liverpool food and drink offers. Trust us you’ll be glad you did.

Top 10 tips for the Grooms ‘Big Day’

So after popping the ‘big question’ and getting the answer yes, have you considered what happens between now and the ‘big day’. Your bride is most likely to have had the perfect wedding planned to perfection since childhood. But what about you?

Hopefully we can help you along with some top tips in preparation for the special day

Choose a stylish Ensemble

Quite possibly the most important input you have is in your attire. Your intended is likely to outshine you, so the need for you to look as dapper as possible has never been greater. Your suit should fit you like a second skin and be as comfortable as it is stylish. Never a better reason to choose high quality bespoke tailoring than on your wedding day. From top to toe Signature Bespoke can provide you with a truly personalised all-encompassing service. Just like your bride to be why not make a day of visiting your tailor with your groomsmen. Make the visit an experience, as unique to you as the finished product. From fitting to delivery Signature Bespoke’s Master Tailors will ensure you look the very best you can. From the flawlessly finished lapels on your suit to the tips of the toes on your tailor made shoes. Every inch of you suitably styled matching the perfection of your bride to be.

Pick the best Groomsmen

Making sure you have the best team supporting you on your special day is essential. Although your best buddy might be a great laugh and a guaranteed party monster, he may not be an entirely suitable choice for best man. There is also a certain amount of etiquette to be considered when selecting those to stand by you at the altar. Your brother, your intendeds brother and husband to the maid of honour are all in the running when sticking to ancient customs. We believe that your groomsmen should provide you with support and stability. The type of guys whom you can rely on should anything go awry and those who will help to perfect your special day.

Select Perfect Groomsmen gifts

To honour those standing by your side on the big day, a special and personal gift says it all. Odds are they all have hip flasks, and cufflinks of their own so how to show you appreciate their time with something unique? Signature Bespoke, as well as outfitting you and your party for the special day, also produce high quality, uniquely styled pens. Making an ideal gift that shows thanks and appreciation for your groomsmen’s support.

Write Your vows from the heart

You know how you feel about your bride to be and, no doubt, so does she. Expressing these feelings in words can be difficult but a top tip from us is to forget about the crowd of people watching you and speak from your heart. Your vows are just for you two so make them memorable, personal and honest. Odds are no matter what you say, it won’t change the way she feels about you anyway.

A Stag night stay in the UK


With the ever increasing extravagances of stag night celebrations, we believe it’s time to consider a closer to home alternative to Vegas or Prague. Forgo the expenditure of travelling abroad and instead spend those pennies on a luxury break at The Shankly Hotel. Our Rum and Fun Package is a great way to experience the city of Liverpool whilst having a top laugh with the guys. Including an overnight stay, welcome beers, entry to a gentleman’s club and a fun rum tasting experience, you and the lads can enjoy a chic and stylish stag night with none of the travel hassle. An added bonus, no one will be lost in Vegas or left at the airport.

Choosing the Wedding rings

If you’re not big on jewellery then the wedding ring choice is likely to be a challenge. As this is something you are going to be wearing forever, its best to make your choice carefully with the future in mind. The simple gold band can be embellished or interpreted in many different ways today, making the choices seem endless. This is an opportunity to inject your own style and taste into the relationship, so choose wisely as a chance like this may not present itself again. Ever!

Clip on or tie?

A major decision but a short one. Do you go for opt for complicated chic or simplistic style? Will you need assistance on the day tying a perfect bow or Windsor, or go it alone with your clip on alternative? Decisions, decisions.

Visit the Barber

There is much to be said about a clean and polished look for your wedding day, but what if this simply isn’t your style? The fashion restrictions for grooms have relaxed over time, allowing decisions for hair styles and facial hair to be made by you. Looking your best can simply be that you feel comfortable throughout the day. After all your intended is marrying you for better or worse so what’s a little stylish stubble when measured against a future of happiness?

Relax the night before the big day


The night before could bring to a head all those pre wedding jitters you had previously dismissed. Rather than risk worrying all night on your lonesome consider booking a group apartment to share with your groomsmen. Take the opportunity to enjoy their company in style and relaxation. Keep it simple and organise a Fifa night in at The Shankly Hotel, in one of our luxury group suites. Or enjoy watching the match in The Bastion Bar and Restaurant whilst dining and drinking those last beers as a single man. Take this time the night before to relax and wind down, in preparation for the excitement of the next day.

Get her the perfect gift

A fairly modern yet important addition to the tradition of marriage, the groom to bride wedding gift. Some of the smarter grooms are opting to pay for an item of their fiancées bridal ensemble, others are footing the bill for a bride’s day of pampering. Providing that unexpected trinket will honour your special day together. A show of appreciation for her agreeing to marry you and a thank you for the most special day of your lives.

We know that a wedding is about two people beginning a lifetime of happiness together, we are here to help make sure in the days leading up to the big one you, The Groom, are as considered as the blushing bride.

Call 0151 236 0166 or email to arrange your stag celebrations, or a nights stay before the big day, we are here to help you enjoy all the best bits of getting married.

The Award Winning Shankly Burger at The Bastion

Have you tried the award-winning Shankly Burger yet? If not, why not? Did you not hear us tell you it’s award-winning? Yeah, we’re pretty proud of that.

What makes the title even more impressive is that is what voted for by the Liverpool public in the Liverpool Echo. We would like to thank everyone who nominated our mouth-watering burger, which proudly stands alongside some of the best burgers in the Liverpool.

shankly burger

Why is it Award-Winning?

We don’t know why we’re surprised, because it is simply delicious. Can you think of anything better than sinking your teeth into a yummy beef burger served on a brioche bun with streaky bacon, mature cheddar cheese, Batavia lettuce and dill pickle? We can’t, either. If the burger wasn’t enough, it is also accompanied by hand-cut chips and home-made relish. Delish!

Burger, Beer & Football

The Shankly Burger is available for just £14.50 – and boy is it worth it! You can also enjoy a nice pint of beer, burger and watch the biggest LFC games at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant, surrounded by genuine Bill Shankly memorabilia. Many LFC legends often attend the big LFC games to offer a Q&A with diners. Past legends include John Aldridge, Phil Neal and Alan Kennedy.

In addition to the Shankly Burger, you can enjoy everything from pizzas, salads, pasta, steak and so much more. You also have to try our twist on a classic: the Liverpool G&T.

So, if you would like to book a table at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant at The Shankly Hotel, you can call 0151 236 0166 or email to experience the Shankly Burger for yourself. Did we mention it is award-winning?