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Explore Shankly Memorabilia at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant

Posted on 09.09.2015

The Bastion Bar & Restaurant allows diners to explore the life and career of Liverpool’s legendary manager through amazing Bill Shankly memorabilia. Our Liverpool hotel is a joint venture between the Shankly family and The Shankly Hotel, and allows guests to view everything from Shankly clothing to his famous typewriter.

The Shankly family have donated memorabilia from their private collection so guests can learn more about the world famous football manager. Liverpool became Shankly’s home, even after he retired from managing Liverpool FC.


You can view fan letters to Bill Shankly in our comfortable and stylish waiting room, as well as his prized typewriter, which he used to regularly write back to fans – and you can see these letters within the restaurant.

Take a look at Shankly’s MBE, his telegram from the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, and his original LFC contract. There’s so much to see at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant, and you can even enjoy delicious drinks and food as you soak it all in. Football fans across the world will not want to miss out on this unique experience.

JF96 Wall


The loss of the 96 lives at the Hillsborough disaster is very much at the heart of the city of Liverpool, and families across the city are still waiting for justice for their loved ones. To commemorate the lives lost, 96 candles are featured on wall of hotel and restaurant – and are lit by our staff every single day.

The Bastion Bar & Restaurant


You can enjoy a range of incredible meals at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant. You can enjoy a mouth-watering beer and burger, a fresh, crisp salad or our range of amazing pizzas.

When it comes to drinks, you’ll be spoiled for choice. You can enjoy everything from a bottle of Merlot to an ice cold beer.

The Bastion Bar & Restaurant cocktails

We also offer a wide variety of cocktails for you to choose from, including The Liverpool G’n’T, an Old-fashioned, a Classic Champagne Cocktail, a Long Island Iced Tea and more.

If you would like to explore the Bill Shankly memorabilia for yourself – and enjoy a delicious meal and drinks – book a table at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant by calling 0151 459 3383 or email reservations@shanklyhotel.com.