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Klopp of the Kop

Posted on 12.10.2015

So despite my reservations in my last post; Liverpool ultimately made the decision to get rid of Brendan Rodgers, taking the opinion that he wasn’t the man capable of dragging Liverpool out of their spiral.

I said at the time that I couldn’t work out how I felt about it (the prospect of us getting rid of Rodgers). Now it has happened, I have to admit the sense of excitement I feel about Klopp seems to indicate it was the right decision to make. It doesn’t however alter the points I made about the danger of being fickle and that how Rodgers was working with one hand tied behind his back. From my side, I feel sorry for him for these reasons and I wish him all the best. Say what you will but he still presided over one of the best seasons of football I have ever seen two seasons ago and almost achieved the impossible. For those who say, ‘it was all Suarez,’ I simply don’t buy it. You buy players for huge sums and pay them huge wages to win you games. Suarez played under Kenny remember and never hit the levels he did until Rodgers set about a system and style of play that brought the best out of the Uruguayan. It’s like saying Pep Guardiola isn’t great as Lionel Messi won Barca everything.

If we take the points about Rodgers operating with his hands tied behind his back out the equation for just a second, his biggest problem was that he seemed to have lost the ability to inspire what he had. The players looked lost and in need of some motivation to get them going again and for the best will in the world it appeared Brendan was failing to address this.

It is with this in mind that the appointment of Klopp looks like a good one. The man has charisma and character (there is that word again), and is the kind of manager that players would run through brick walls for. As a fan, I already feel excited about going the game again, and I am sure players cant wait to get back from international duty to start training and playing for him.

Darest I say also that Klopp seems to have a touch of the Shankly-esque about him. In his first weekend at the club, he has spent a lot of time taking in the city and meeting fans out and about in everyday locations such as local pubs, shops and restaurants. He certainly seems to be a man of the people.

It is however; the sentence he uttered in his first press conference that really struck me when talking about Liverpool’s infamous transfer committee. When I talk about Rodgers having to work with his hands tied behind his back, it is in reference to feeling that he was at times, overawed and maybe even bullied by the committee into taking players that he didn’t want. Klopp was emphatic is his take on the situation. When speaking about how he had no problem speaking with a committee about players, his statement that, “I will have the first and last word,” was exactly what every Liverpool fan wanted to hear. So long as Klopp sticks to this, there shouldn’t be a problem. He identifies a player, puts him on the table, discusses him with others, and then HE makes the decision as to whether it goes forward or not. It is simple in theory but one look at Rodgers demise shows it may not be as easy in practice. Time will tell.

My big hope however is that fans remember the clamour they have had for Klopp over the past weeks and don’t jump on the fickle bandwagon if things don’t take shape sooner rather than later. For now however, let’s enjoy the excitement and anticipation his appointment brings. And if he wants to bring a few of those Dortmund players with him, that’s ok too. Marko Reus for a start will do……