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Signature Living offers a wide range of luxurious hotels in Liverpool. We can provide comfortable, stylish and spacious accommodations for a competitive price. So, whatever your reason for staying in our remarkable city, we have the perfect hotel to suit your needs and budget.

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30 James Street

30 James Street, previously known as Albion House, is one of the most recognisable building that lines Liverpool’s iconic skyline. The Grade II* listed building is as integral to Liverpool’s maritime history as the Liver Building and the Albert Dock, as it once served as the White Star Line’s Headquarters and was therefore RMS Titanic’s port of registry. It is for this reason why the name of the city is synonymous with the ill-fated liner.

Despite the building’s intriguing past, 30 James Street lay derelict for nearly 30 years until Lawrence and Katie Kenwright acquired the property in 2013. The building was very much a project of passion for the husband and wife team, who were dedicated to restoring the building to her former glory. It was their goal to breathe fresh life into the building, which was three to four inches deep in water when the Kenwrights first entered the property and was last used as a drug rehabilitation centre.

30 James Street would never serve as the White Star Line’s headquarters again, which is why Signature Living wanted to acquire the property, with the aim of preserving the building and allowing many people to experience its architecture and history for many years to come. Each room is named after an individual connection to the White Star Line, with the aim of commemorating the shipping company, RMS Titanic and her passengers.

30 James Street – Home of the Titanic now serves as a four star hotel in Liverpool city centre, operating at a 97% occupancy rate – which is the best in the city. Guests can now enjoy the stories of RMS Titanic and the White Star Line, while passers-by can marvel at the building’s remarkable architect.

Signature Living has a passion for historic buildings, and are passionate about restoring buildings to their former glory to ensure they continue to play an integral role in a city’s culture.

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  30 James Street

Signature Hotel

Katie and I welcomed our first guest to Signature Living in 2008 when we had just one apartment. Our aim today is the same as it was then – to ensure that our guests are treated to the best hotel rooms/apartments and service that our stunning city has to offer.

Guests have rated our service and accommodation as some of the highest on TripAdvisor. Signature Hotel is currently rated #1 out of 98 Liverpool Hotels and Signature Living Apartments is rated #1 in Liverpool.

Our award winning Liverpool accommodation has grown to over 300 beds, with a further 350 hotel beds planned for 2014. Our new hotel, 30 James Street, will be located in one of Liverpool’s finest buildings. It is in fact the very building to which the Titanic was registered and also served as the home of the White Star Line Shipping Company who owned the famous ship. These new hotel rooms will be unlike any other, with more space, flexibility and functionality than any other accommodation provider complemented by our amazing personal service.

Over the last few years, with the various retail developments, most notably the opening of Liverpool One, the city has firmly established itself as one of the top shopping destinations in the North of England. This together with a world renowned cultural heritage, stunning architecture, a diverse and vibrant nightlife, Liverpool certainly has a lot to get enthused about.

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 Signature Living

Signature Living Venues

Signature Living

At Signature Living we have shaped a truly unique and bespoke accommodation experience – right in the heart of Liverpool City Centre – that far surpasses what you’d come to expect from a run-of-the-mill hotel in liverpool.

Our Liverpool accommodation is of the highest standard, incorporating stunning decor throughout with many of our accommodation sites having a double whirlpool bath, cinema room and fully-equipped kitchens all part of the package all in the very centre of Liverpool.

Signature Living is proud to cater for all types of accommodation for large groups, families and couples all of whom can take advantage of our memorable facilities.

As a guest of Signature Living, you will be subjected to our personalised concierge service which commences long before your journey to your luxury accommodation in Liverpool.

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Signature Living Venues

Arthouse Hotel

The Arthouse Hotel is a unique city centre hotel located in the thriving Ropewalks district of Liverpool.

Offering luxury themed rooms, Arthouse Hotel offers guests a stay like no other transporting them back in time to some of best movies to have ever been created.

From Wizard of Oz to Chicago and Rocky Horror Show; there will certainly be a movie-themed suite perfect for you.

The suites at Arthouse Hotel sleep from 2-6 guests with luxury fittings and furnishings throughout including Jacuzzi baths, comfortable beds and Chesterfield style bed heads ensuring that each stay is utterly one of a kind.

Located on Seel Steel, the centre of Liverpool’s nightlife district, there are a plethora of bars, clubs and restaurants around which offer a different style of music for all.

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Arthouse Hotel

Signature Living Venues

The Exchange Hotel

The Exchange Hotel, formerly known as The Coal Exchange is a grand redevelopment of one of the most significant and grand buildings in Cardiff’s history.

The Grade II* listed building was previously the home of the world’s coal trade with up to 9,000 coal owners, ship owners and their agents would come daily to trade coal, fix deals and of course, make their millions. The building was so important, that in its heydey, the price of coal would be determined here.

After years of dereliction and a number of destructive internal fires, the Coal Exchange has been given a new lease of life. the untold stories and history of the Coal Exchange and the people who worked here are celebrated throughout making for a completely unique and intriguing experience.

Located within the thriving Cardiff Bay area, The Exchange Hotel is in the centre of it all offering incredible entertainment, nightlife, cultural landmarks and shopping.

Signature Living has a passion for transforming historic buildings and turning them into landmark destinations the public can enjoy once again. The Exchange Hotel is an integral part of Welsh history, and Signature Living have preserved

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Exchange Hotel Cardiff

Signature Living Venues

Alma De Cuba

Alma de Cuba is a venue like no other.

Homed in the former St. Peters Catholic Church on Seel Street, Alma is a well-known destination for finer diners and partygoers looking for a great night in an iconic venue. Alma de Cuba in an eclectic mix of Cuban, Hispanic, and Latin American influences that are enhanced by Liverpool’s great spirit.

The Grade II listed building still has original features such as the memorial tablets and the murals which were painted alongside the large picture of St Peter behind the altar.

On a Friday and Saturday night, Samba dancers grace the altar for a show-stopping performance, whilst the famed petal shower at 11 pm brings locals and visitors alike together. This makes for an utterly remarkable venue and one which Signature Living are looking to take nationwide.

Plans have furthermore been put forward for an Alma de Cuba hotel which will be located next door to the current Alma site in Liverpool where the theme and extravagance of Alma will be continued.

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Alma De Cuba