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The Most Inspiring Organisations and Charities in Preston

Preston is predominantly a forward-thinking, open-minded and progressive place to live. It is therefore absolutely vital to recognise the important work some charities in Preston do.

Preston has a long and complex history of standing up for justice and equality. Nevertheless, Preston has recently been fighting to survive and prosper, with great success it has to be said; so much so that Preston was named the most improved place to live and work in the UK in 2018.

With this in mind, we felt it right to recognise some of the most amazing charities in Preston and the incredible work they do.

The Sir Tom Finney Soccer Centre

One of the most renowned and most successful community development schemes in Preston, The Sir Tom Finney Soccer Centre has worked for almost two decades to positively benefit the community.

Sponsored by The Shankly Hotel Preston, The Sir Tom Finney Soccer Centre provides free coaching for disabled, disadvantaged and refugee children.


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Sir Tom Finney’s son, Brian, said: “I’m so proud, he was such a big believer in bringing football to the community through places like this.”

This non-profit community soccer project epitomises everything football represents and is equally one of the best charities in Preston.

The Mind Corps

The Mind Corps was set up to deliver sustainable help and support to men, veterans and families dealing with mental health conditions, namely post-traumatic stress disorder. The Mind Corps is aimed to improve men’s mental and physical health with an open and supportive approach.

Simply put, if you’re both male and under 40 years-old, the greatest threat to your life is not cancer: it’s yourself. Per week, 84 men in the UK commit suicide and while this is a problem The Mind Corps cannot solve on their own, they are taking important steps to help people in need.

By providing 1:1 sessions while also working with the men and their families, The Mind Corps is working to raise the issue of men’s mental health and integrating ex-military personnel back into society.

Indeed, The Mind Corps is one of the most important and inspiring charities in Preston.

The Foxton Centre

The Foxton Centre is a Preston-based charity with a strong commitment to working in the local community.


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Working to make Preston a more understanding place, The Foxton Centre helps people on society’s margins, predominantly rough sleepers, street sex workers and young people with poverty, addiction and mental health issues.

Through their outreach work, The Foxton Centre identify vulnerable people and aim to help them. From their winter watch programme and community cafe to their youth clubs and regeneration projects, The Foxton Centre, from its origins as a youth centre in Avenham in 1969, has developed into one of the most important charities in Preston.

Curious Minds


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Curious Minds is dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people through amazing art and culture.

Working to position creativity and culture at the heart of education in order to help young people, Curious Minds aim to drive equal access and harness creativity.

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Established in 2009, the organisation has worked alongside 350 primary and secondary schools and over 4,000 teachers, inviting artists, architects, writers and scientists into schools to work with and inspire young people.

Leaving a legacy that will ultimately change peoples lives, Curious Minds is one of the most-loved charities in Preston.

Gift 92

Gift 92 helps those in need to build a stable home. Since 1992, Gift 92 has been helping ex-homeless people and people with limited finances furnish a property.

Furniture and household items are essential to help people feel at home and although this may seem trivial, these items are absolutely necessary – albeit on a human-level.

From beds to wardrobes, Gift 92 helped over 750 people in 2018 – making it one of the most prolific charities in Preston.

And so, that completes our look at 5 amazing charities in Preston. Book your stay at The Shankly Hotel Preston here or contact our helpful team on 0151 236 0166.

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