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Introducing the Most Amazing Party Venues in Preston

As The Shankly Hotel nears completion, we are so elated to show you around some of the most luxurious party venues in Preston, be that Elysium, the gorgeous Lilywhite Suite or The Carriage.

Located inside The Shankly Hotel, we are proud and eager to introduce you to our venues which are, by far and away, the best party venues in Preston.

Join us, as we take you inside our gorgeous venues; starting with Elysium – where, according to Greek mythology, admission was reserved for Gods, Goddesses, heroes and the righteous.

Elysium: One of the Most Heavenly Party Venues in Preston

The Ancient Greeks considered Elysium to be a paradise, where admission was reserved for those chosen by the Gods. Indeed, The Shankly Hotel in Preston is striving to recreate this utopia. This events space, which doubles up as a spacious room, sleeps 20 people and can hold up to 160 guests.

Bringing something completely new to Preston, Elysium is entirely white and encapsulates the look of paradise. Bask in the colourless ornamentation, pale furnishings, winged horses and stunning flowers, as you sink into the deep baths and plush couches that not only pay homage to the Ancient Greeks, but also epitomises why Elysium is one of the most opulent party venues in Preston.

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This spacious and wonderous venue features quaint period pieces, heavenly decorations and transparent ornaments. Elysium promises to be a welcomed addition to the numerous party venues in Preston. So, assuming that you’re looking for the most lavish events space in Preston, then you simply have to see Elysium.

Guests can party together in the same room, create timeless memories to hold dear and, thanks to our central location, can explore a whole host of shops, bars and restaurants. But why would you want to leave the comfort of paradise?

The Lilywhites Suite: A Party Venue in Preston Like No Other

Named in honour of Preston North End’s famous nickname, The Lilywhite Suite in The Shankly Preston, with its opulent furnishings and white lily laden awning, is guaranteed to impress. Whether you’re a Lilywhites fan or not, this elegantly restored building is the perfect place to don your wedding dress or party in style amongst your 350 proud guest.

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This spacious and gorgeous venue – which doubles as a conference and wedding space – features quaint period pieces, heavenly decorations and an awe-inspiring roof laden with hundreds of flowers symbolising humility and devotion. In what can only be described as one of the most amazing party venues in Preston; a wedding or conference in The Lilywhite Suite is sure to be memorable.

The Carriage: One of the Best Restaurant Party Venues in Preston

Nestled in the heart of The Shankly Hotel in Preston, The Carriage is not only a stunning bar and restaurant, but it’s also one of the most delicious party venues in Preston.

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The Carriage is themed around a 1930s First Class rail carriage and combines rich and luxurious furnishings with a modern twist. This delicious bar and restaurant is designed using bespoke wooden furnishings, plush indoor plants and opulent chandeliers.

When speaking about one of the most amazing party venues in Preston, Chris Shankly said: “We’re so excited to bring The Shankly brand to Preston and give the people something they’ve never seen before.”

The Shankly Hotel in Preston

Set to open its doors soon, The Shankly Hotel is home to some of the most spectacular party venues in Preston – which you can book here.

We are so excited to continue the restoration of one of Preston’s most iconic buildings. So, with plans for The Carriage, The Lilywhites Suite and Elysium nearing completion, make sure to keep on top of the latest news by heading over to our Facebook Page and checking back to the blog soon.