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The Lancashire Phrases to Know if You’re Visiting Preston

Lancashire is a beautiful county. Filled with rolling hills, exciting developments and incredible people. With Preston being on the rise for tourism, more people than ever before are visiting the capital of Lancashire. If you’re visiting Preston soon, are you clued up on the best Lancashire phrases?

Don’t worry if your Preston lingo isn’t up to scratch, we’ve made a handy guide to Lancashire phrases you should know before visiting.

1. Lanky

Definition: Lancashire

Use: Aye, I’m from Lanky.

2. Oreet

Definition: Alright

Use: Oreet cock?

3. Cock

Definition: Mate

Use: Ey up, cock.

4. Gradely

Definition: Great

Use: He’s a gradely lad him.

5. Jiggered

Definition: Exhausted

Use: I’m jiggered.

6. Baggin’

Definition: Food

Use: I’m gaspin’ for a bit of baggin’.

7. Baggin’ Time

Definition: Tea time

Use: I can’t wait for baggin’ time, I’m starving.

8. Cracking Flags

Definition: Extremely hot or nice weather

Use: It’s cracking flags out there!

9. Corporation Pop

Definition: Tap water

Use: Give me some corporation pop.

10. Ginnel

Definition: The alleyway between houses or between a house and a wall

Use: Go down the ginnel to get round the back.

11. Put wood in’th hole

Definition: Shut the door

Use: Put wood in’th hole, it’s freezing!

12. Barm

Definition: A bread roll

Use: I’ll have a sausage and bacon barm, please.

13. Barmpot

Definition: A bit of an idiot

Use: He’s a proper barmpot.

14. Cack-handed

Definition: A clumsy way of doing things

Use: The fence he put up looked a bit cack-handed.

15. Chuffed

Definition: Pleased

Use: I’m chuffed with how my fence turned out.

16. Kecks

Definition: Trousers

Use: Get them kecks on, we’re going out.

17. Sken

Definition: To look

Use: Are you skenning at me?

18. Ta-ra

Definition: Goodbye

Use: Ta-rah, cock.

19. Bellywarch

Definition: A stomach-ache

Use: I’ve got bellywarch from eating too many pies.

20. Babby’syed

Definition: Steak and kidney pudding from a takeaway

Use: I’m going the chippy to get a babby’syed

21. Manchester Caviar

Definition: Mushy peas

Use: I’ll have some Manchester caviar with my fish and chips.

22. Wigan Kebab

Definition: A pie on a barm

Use: I had a rate good Wigan Kebab last night.

23. Mithering

Definition: bothering/fussing

Use: Stop mithering, you’re doing my head in.

24. Ow do

Definition: how are you

Use: Ow do

25. Cowd

Definition: Cold

Use: It’s cowd in here.

26. Spittin’ Feathers

Definition: Thirsty

Use: I need a drink, I’m spittin’ feathers

27. It’s like Blackpool illuminations in here

Definition: When more lights than are necessary are left on in a house

Use: It’s like Blackpool illuminations in here!

28. By Gum

Definition: Used to express shock

Use: By Gum! I never expected that!

29. Lugs

Definition: hair knots

Use: Me hair’s proper luggy.

30. Don’t Be Nesh

Definition: Don’t be a wimp

Use: Don’t be nesh, it’s nae even cowd.

31. Sweating Cobs

Definition: to sweat profusely

Use: I’m sweating cobs.

There are plenty of interesting Lancashire phrases floating around Preston, we’d love to hear what you use every day! Think we’ve missed any important Lancashire phrases? let us know!

We’re really excited to be opening The Shankly Hotel Preston in the near future, celebrating Lancashire life and working to help everyone who visits the city appreciate all that Preston has to offer. We hope all our guests who enter our doors will love the city as much as we do and, who knows, maybe we’ll have you speaking all the most important Lancashire phrases before you leave!