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Preston: A City on the Rise

Located in the heart of Lancashire, Preston is a city on the rise.

The northern city has seen a steady increase in tourism over the past few years and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. The local council have set out ambitious tourism targets over the next few years which focus on improving transport, accommodation and the leisure offering in the city.

In 2016, a major report conducted on the leisure sector in Lancashire found that over two-thirds of hotels and hospitality businesses saw an increase in sales and profits in the last year. Highlighting the cities growth and destination as an up and coming tourist attraction.

The annual MHA Hospitality and Tourism Survey shows that 67 per cent of hospitality businesses increased turnover while 64 per cent increased profits. It further concluded that more than half of respondents expect a further increase in profits within the next 12 months.

Hotel companies have felt the positive effects of this increase which has spurred greater investment by others in the area. This highlights that Preston is cementing its position as one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in England.

Preston, Lancashire

Preston is certainly heading in the right direction, with a new visitor economy strategy for Lancashire aiming to grow visitor numbers from 63 million per year to 70 million by 2020.

By 2020, Lancashire also aims to attract an additional 6.3 million visitors, that would support over 5,000 more jobs in the area. With the recent feedback from the hotels within the area, Preston and Lancashire as a country look set to achieve these goals which will be extremely beneficial to the local community.

The increase in tourism within Preston is a testament to the investment and hard-work that has been done to restore the city of Preston back to its former glory. Visitors to the city can now enjoy some of the most breathtaking attractions the city has to offer; such as Avenham Park, the Harris Museum and the Preston Cenotaph.

Preston is also beginning to set a trend of being one of Britain’s best destinations for a staycation, the term coined for those who holiday within their own country. With excellent transport links and a range of leisure facilities mentioned above, it’s no surprise that Preston is a leading destination for staycation holidays in the UK.

Investment in Preston doesn’t stop with the hospitality industry, almost nine in 10 leisure operators indicated they would be investing in improvements to buildings and infrastructure, while more than half will also be investing in staff training and marketing.

It is believed that these staycations are the main cause for the increase in investment in Preston and Lancashire, with hotels and business seeing the area as having great potential with attractions that can pull in visitors from all over the country.

Harris Hotel Preston

With these proposed investments from hotels and businesses, it is certainly an exciting time for the city of Preston, as it once again looks set to become a thriving tourist destination.

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