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15 Things You’ll Know if You’re from Preston

From proper pies to prodigal sons, Preston is a proud city (Yeah – that’s right, a city not a town). Here are 15 things you’ll know if you’re from Preston.

1. So, Where are You From?

It pains you to say it, but everyone always gives up in the end.

Trying to explain where Preston is isn’t easy; you eventually give up and just say: “It’s near Manchester.”

It’s not, but like ‘heckers like are you going to say it’s near Blackpool – even though it is.

2. Pies


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4” in diameter with a thick and crispy pastry crust, made with butter and baked until golden, the Butter Pie is a Preston staple.

That said, no one can beat a meat and tata cake when you’re ‘angin.

3. Chippy Tea


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Shock, horror – they don’t do mushy peas or gravy down south; the absolute philistines: sparking Peter Kay to shout: “Has tha nowt moist?”

We mean, is there anything better than a chippy tea on a Friday – we doubt it.

4. Relegation Funeral

Whenever PNE are relegated which, lets be honest, happens every now and again, a funeral takes place in Bamber Bridge.

People may mock it, but it’s a mint day out.

5. Barm cakes

You can tell straight away if someone’s from Preston or not by what they call this doughy staple.

Lets just get one thing straight, it’s not a roll, a bread-cake, a cob – unless it’s crusty that is – or a teacake; it’s a barm!

6. That Bus Station


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Once the largest bus station in Europe, people from Preston are extremely proud of this local landmark.

Obviously we ignore the underpass known as ‘Mugger’s Paradise’ and the fact that it’s crying out for a fresh lick of paint, but hey, it’s big int’it.

7. The UKs First Ever KFC

Yeah, that’s right – Preston is home to the UKs first ever KFC. If you’re from Preston, you’ll have probably bored someone enjoying a boneless bucket about this ‘achievement.’

8. The Icon that is Toxic Terry

‘Glue-sniffing Toxic Terry finds God and cleans up his life’ – now that’s a headline the Lancashire Post can be proud of.

If you’re from Preston then you’ll know who Toxic Terry is and more than likely seen him swigging from a jerry can whilst on a night out.

We hope he’s okay.

9. Come Dine With Me – In Preston!

Didn’t we do ourselves proud, ay. And who didn’t squeal with excitement when Bernard rocked up with his carpet samples.



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From Shankly to Finney and Moyes to Grayson, everyone loves Preston North End – if you’re from Preston that is.

However, we’ve learned over the years that Preston and the Premier League isn’t a good combination.

League One and The Championship is where it’s at anyway. PNE! PNE! PNE! PNE!

11. Crime Ridden (Kind of)

From pound shop scoundrels and Tory biting dogs to petrol drinking icons and unruly sheep, Preston is riddled with crime – no thanks to the Lancashire Evening Post’s hilarious headlines.

Our personal favourite: ‘John Lennon’s Tooth to Visit Preston.’ We hope it visited that KFC – first ever KFC in the UK that, yano.

12. We’ve Got Our Own Lancashire Lingo

Not only did we have the first ever KFC in the UK (did we mention that?) but Preston was also the first place to speak proper.

No, you’re not hungover, you’re ‘angin. Are you ok? No, that won’t do. Ya al’reet? That’s more like it.

Oh, and on your way out, put wood in th’ole and wind ya neck in ya great barmpot.

13. Cheeeese Gromit

Who doesn’t love Wallace and Gromit? We loved it even more when Nick Park, who’s from Preston, slipped in a reference to his hometown.

That’s-reet, on the back of ‘The Morning Post’ in ‘A Matter of Loaf and Death’ it says: PNE 10 – 0 Manchester. Get in!

14. Warehouse Fridays

When going through your ‘mosher’ or ‘I’ve started reading the NME and now am cooler than you’ phrase, you’d spend your Fridays at The Warehouse, with its sticky floor and unique clientele.

15. But One Thing for Certain is, if You’re From Preston

You are extremely proud of your hometown. Oh, and the UKs first ever KFC – did we mention that already?

The Shankly Hotel Preston

We at Signature Living are looking forward to celebrating everything Preston has to say and do – and that includes everything listed above.

With plans for The Shankly Hotel and The Carriage nearing completion, make sure to book here and, to keep abreast of the latest news, check back to the blog soon and follow our Facebook Page – especially if you’re from Preston.