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What to expect from The Shankly Hotel Preston

The Shankly Hotel Preston is coming soon and with that in mind, we’d like to let people know what to expect from the second Shankly themed hotel in the UK.

It’s a well-known fact that Bill Shankly was adored by the people and football fans in general, in fact, the engraved quote on his statue at Anfield reads;

“He made the people happy”

And its true he really did.

This ideology, to please the people,  is the driving force behind The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool and we believe what has been key to its success.

The same concept will be applied to The Shankly Hotel Preston and now that Shankly is returning to Preston we are delighted to let the people in on what to expect from the next chapter in The Shankly Hotel story.

Glimpses into a Rich Footballing Past

As with our Shankly Hotel in Liverpool, we have curated artefacts and memorabilia associated with Shankly and his time playing for Preston North End.

All our findings will be displayed in the hotel in what will essentially become a Shankly museum in Preston, available to both guests and the public to view.

Thanks to our close relationship with the Shankly family we have been able to locate some stunning pieces of Shank’s history from his footballing past and pieces that give a keen insight into the type of man Shankly was on the pitch.

It is ours, and the Shankly families pleasure, to be able to offer people a fresh look at the life and career of Bill Shankly and the impact he had on the game of football as well as the people he came into contact with.

A Unique Hotel Ideology

Our success with providing unique group accommodation experiences has seen Signature Living expand from a Liverpool based hospitality provider to a nationwide company that gives guests so much more than just hotel rooms.

Every one of our hotels has a one of a kind concept that aims to bring people together to enjoy each other’s company in luxurious quality surroundings.

Thanks to the marvellous examples of heritage architecture we’ve had the pleasure of restoring and our acquisition of the Old Post Office in Preston, which we believe was one of our greatest finds to date, Signature Living has been able to bring the past of great cities into the future.

The Shankly Hotel Preston

At The Shankly Hotel Preston, we wanted to bring a stunning part of Preston’s heritage back into the forefront of peoples minds, making an iconic landmark building usable and useful to the public once again.

Every one of our hotels across the UK has been built inside forgotten, disused buildings which have interesting places in history that resonate with residents in the local area. We bring that history forward along with creating a new attraction for tourists and a enjoyable hospitality experience to all who visit our hotels.

Sleek and Stylish Décor

Shankly himself was a dapper fellow, never a hair out of place and always sharply dressed.

The décor at The Shankly Hotel Preston will reflect that same sense of smartness and order combined with rich and luxurious furnishings. Expect to see elegant interiors that reflect the Shankly family heritage, with hints of Scottish tartan providing the perfect complement to plush fittings and fixtures.

A Shankly Hotel room - The Shankly Hotel Preston

A trademark of Signature Living hotels are our double whirlpool baths that take a guest’s hotel experience from every day to extraordinary. Our extravagant ensuite bathrooms are the stuff of legend and nothing less than this will be provided at The Shankly Hotel Preston.

At Signature Living, we are famous for providing guests with something out of the ordinary, and The Shankly Hotel Preston will follow suit in style.  Where your average city centre hotel room can accommodate two guests comfortable, three guests at a push, we at Signature Living make sure all guests who stay have the same level of comfort and luxury all in one room. Bringing people together is what we do and our stunning hotel rooms will sleep group and families of guests in a variety of layouts and arrangments.

No two rooms will be identical giving guests a different experience each and every time they visit and furthermore each individual hotel room will contain it’s very own unique Shankly story, anecdote or famous quote displayed somewhere in the suite.

Shankly anecdote - The Shankly Hotel Preston

Whether it’s a lengthy tale of Shankly’s past emblazoned on the ceiling or a quote from a colleague or a friend inscribed above a light switch, The Shankly Hotel Preston guests will get an informative glimpse into a part of Shankly’s life that they may not have known before checking into their luxury suite.

Amazing Onsite Facilities

When it comes to completing the Signature Living hotel experience we promise to offer much more than just hotel rooms and on top of giving our guests one of a kind hotel rooms we also provide the best onsite amenities in our top quality in-house bars and restaurants.

Whilst we encourage guests to venture out into the city to explore the culture, we also like to assure they have easy access to great food and drink during their visit. All menus of Signature Living are lovingly created by our talented developments teams and we ensure our kitchens use locally sourced produce and include traditional dishes that relate to the hotel’s area where possible.

Dining expected at The Shankly Hotel Preston

Our Liverpool based Bastion Bar and Restaurant, located inside the original Shankly Hotel, draws in crowds of diners every day and has become the go to place for prime time match day viewing. The Bastion Bar and Restaurant offers great food and drinks packages for high profile sporting events and makes sure that every seat in the house has a good view of the action with large screen TV’s strategically placed around the venue.

Match day crowds at The Shankly Hotel

We hope to bring the same level of quality dining and vibrant sporting atmosphere to the onsite bar and restaurant coming to The Shankly Hotel in Preston.

A Stunning New Weddings and Events Venue in Preston

Historic buildings we have worked with in the past provide stunning ornamental backdrops that cater well to hosting important events and the most elegant of weddings.

Baby Eden - The Shankly Hotel

We look forward to adding another prestigious wedding venue to Signature Weddings in Preston inside The Shankly Hotel Preston. The stunning historic design of the Old Post Office lends itself well to hosting both wedding ceremonies and receptions, as well as catering to important celebrations such as landmark birthdays, baby showers, proms and graduations.

At The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool, we have two stunning events venues that have hosted spectacular celebrations and superb events days and nights. Most recently we hosted an event for the public to enjoy all the fun of the Grand National without having to make the journey to Aintree racecourse. Over the three day meeting, we invited people to come watch the races live, place bets and get dolled up to join us in our rooftop events space the Garden of Eden.

Garden of Eden Grand National Races event The Shankly Hotel

The Garden of Eden races event was a sell-out success and partygoers enjoyed drinking champagne, eating afternoon tea and placing bets throughout the weekend. This and so many other successful events have been hosted within The Shankly Hotel and we hope to replicate the same popular events space at The Shankly Hotel Preston.

For fans of football and lovers of a great footballing legend keep your eyes and ears peeled for the exciting developments taking place in Preston as we look forward to opening the doors to The Shankly Hotel Preston.