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Where to Spend Gorgeous Days Out in Preston

Preston is a city bursting at the seams with scenic and historic places to visit; you just need some help to find them. With this in mind, we’d love to share our guide to the most picture perfect days out in Preston to enjoy during your stay.

Delightful Days Out in Preston’s Parks

Preston has some superb parks on its boarders by the River Ribble. So, here are some of the most captivating images taken on lovely days out in Preston’s favourite parks.

Avenham Park is best known as one of the finest examples of traditional Victorian parkland in North West England – and the best example of landscape designer Edward Milner’s work.


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The Belvedere pavilion in Avenham Park is a Grade II listed structure. The word ‘Belvedere’ literally means ‘beautiful view’ in Italian.

An original feature of the park, the Belvedere once overlooked a bandstand but was relocated in 1875 to make way for the Earl of Derby Statue. Today, the view from the Belvedere captures the sweeping lines of the park instead.

Haslam Park sits alongside the Lancaster Canal. Located in the Park, the old drinking fountain, which was donated to the park by W.G. Makinson in 1911, was awarded Grade II listed status in 1979.

The fountain is laden with Victorian symbolism, including numerous salamanders which were considered symbols of bravery and courage.

Landmark buildings

With such a rich and interesting heritage, Preston’s listed buildings are well worth a visit. Spend your days out in Preston exploring some remarkable architecture.

The stunning Harris Museum for instance, is a fine example of neo-classical architecture. James Hibbert believed that the simplistic design would complement the building’s use as both a library and museum.


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The most prominent feature of the interior of the museum is the intricate lantern tower.

The grand interior of St. John’s Minster is also recognised as a Grade II listed building, whilst Hoghton Tower is recognised as Grade I. The manor house commands sweeping views of the surrounding landscape, including parts of the Lake District and North Wales.


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The exposed beams of St. Walburge RC Church in Preston were designed and built by Joseph Hansom. What’s more, Preston’s very first indoor shopping centre, the Miller Arcade, was constructed in 1899 and was modelled on London’s Burlington Arcade.

Today, the beauty of all these buildings draw the attention of visitors and locals alike.

A Day in the Countryside

The surrounding area of Preston has some picturesque spots worth visiting. These conservation areas promote the well being of the natural landscape and the creatures who live there.

Cuerden Valley is ideal for family days out in Preston. There are plenty of things to do and explore, be it harvesting apples, having a picnic or shopping at the local farmers market.


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The River Ribble at dawn is both a sight to savour and the perfect place for a tranquil picnic.

The Brockhole wetland is also home to an entire floating village. In what was once a working quarry, the site is now protected and preserved by the Wildlife Trust.


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Picture Perfect Spots

All around Preston, there are striking examples of architecture and some superb selfie spots that are ideal for snapping the perfect profile picture.

Preston’s outdoor market, for example, received a £600,000 face lift recently – and it now looks great. Plans to revamp the Market Quarter in the city called for renovations to the 140-year-old roof and the results are the perfect purple picture op.


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After nearly a century of being a commercial location, Preston port ceased to operate in 1981 leaving a disused water basin sitting on the outskirts of the city centre. The decision was made to turn the area into a functioning retail and leisure district and winter mooring facility. Since 1990, business has been booming and Preston Marina is now a welcoming area for boating enthusiasts and those who love being by the water.

Winckley Square garden is bordered by stunning examples of Georgian heritage and was a favourite spot of Charles Dickens’ when he visited Preston. The square is a reminder of the affluence that once thrived in Preston before the industrial revolution.


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The Shankly Hotel Preston

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We at Signature Living are looking forward to celebrating everything Preston has to say and do. We also can’t wait to continue the story of The Old Post Office and what we do best by reviving this iconic, architectural masterpiece.

With plans for The Shankly Preston and The Carriage nearing completion, make sure to keep on top of the latest news by checking back to the blog soon and following our Facebook Page for more days out in Preston.

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