Signature living are pleased to announce ...

A New Chapter of Shankly Stories

My Shankly is back! We’re collecting personal stories about the one and only Bill Shankly.

The most heart-warming memories and special moments will be woven around the upcoming Shankly Hotel Preston.

Bill Shankly was the man of the people. A true socialist. As his statue at Anfield so famously proclaims; “He made the people happy.”

There are so many people who have their own personal stories about Shanks to share; and we’re proud to announce our My Shankly campaign is back following its success upon launching The Shankly Hotel Liverpool.

Have you got your own personal story about the great Scot? Maybe you met him or maybe one of your close friends or family did. Perhaps it is simply a story you heard second or third hand but love to recount it? We’re asking for you to submit your favourite tales to us below.

We are particularly interested in any stories relating to his time at Preston or that are Preston related but we are welcoming any that fans care to submit about the great man.

The best stories will be picked by Bill’s grandson and Shankly Hotel Director Christopher William Shankly Carline and will be displayed on the ceilings of the rooms across The Shankly Hotel Preston, with the author/senders name proudly emblazed in situ. Not only that, but if we pick your story, you will win a night’s stay for 2 people in the very room that your story resides once we open our doors in 2019!

So, now’s the time to fill us in …

Tell your story

If you or a friend have been retelling your Shankly story over the years, we’d love for you to share it – we’ll make sure it’s never forgotten!