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Reasons to Get Excited About the Garden of Eden

Posted on 18.10.2016

The Garden of Eden is expected to be one of, if not the most exciting, rooftop space in Liverpool.

We recently released new artist’s impressions of what the garden will look like once completed mid-November. Here’s where we can start to get really excited.

CGI Garden of Eden roof top space in Liverpool

Incredible Launch Night

Expect a magical, mysterious and utterly enchanting night at the Garden of Eden Launch night on the 18th November 2016.

With chart-topping entertainment, DJ’s and celebrity guests, the launch of Garden of Eden is the most anticipated event of the year. The magical night will be a one you’ll never forget. For those of you who can’t make it, it will be broadcasted live via our social media channels.

Luxury Rooftop Bar

The Garden of Eden is guaranteed to be the place to host your event or drink through the summer days and winter nights.

When the luxury rooftop venue isn’t booked for an event, it will be open to the public to enjoy drinks with a stunning backdrop.

Stunning Wedding Venue

The Garden of Eden has already hosted a handful of spectacular weddings and many more are booked for the upcoming months and into next year.

With an incredible backdrop of the city and room for a large number of guests, The Garden of Eden really is the most spectacular wedding venue for your big day.

The first wedding Garden of Eden roof top space in Liverpool

Unencumbered Views

Liverpool is famed for its breathtaking skyline and The Garden of Eden is the perfect spot to appreciate this. Set above The Shankly Hotel on Liverpool’s historic Victoria Street, you can enjoy unencumbered views of the city from all sides of the glass box indoors. Then head outside and you can again enjoy these stunning panoramic views from within the garden.

The Serpent

The Serpent slide is something that has never been done before and is set to be an utterly thrilling experience.

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The 100ft chrome spiral slide will go down the side of the hotel, all the way from Garden of Eden to the ground floor lobby with proceeds potentially going towards charity.

CGI Garden of Eden roof top space in Liverpool

Suspended Hot Tubs

Do you dare to soak in a hot tub which is suspended over the edge, six floors up?

The hot tubs at the Garden of Eden will offer the most spectacular views of the city and be the focal point of many parties we’re sure.

Christmas Grotto

This December, the Garden of Eden will be transformed into a magical Christmas grotto. Proud to be the only rooftop grotto in the city. This is in partnership with One Magical City are set to transform the whole of Liverpool this Christmas.

Unique Event Space

The launch night of Garden of Eden and the Christmas grotto is only the tip of the iceberg. We predict some spectacular occasions when it comes to the events held in The Garden of Eden.

A whole plethora of events are in the pipeline for next year including music festivals, classical concerts and much, much more.


If you’d like to know more, please call our reservations team on 0151 459 3383 or email reservations@shanklyhotel.com