Room 113

Luxury Room

  • Sleeps Sleeps up to 4
  • Zips Zips
  • Double beds 1 Double bed
  • Single bed 2 Single beds
  • free WiFi Free WiFi access
  • Shower Shower
  • Jacuzzi Jacuzzi

About Room 113

The Shankly Hotel offers so much more than luxury accommodation – it is an experience. Enjoy rooms inspired by one of the most iconic sporting figures in the world. Comprising of 83 luxurious rooms and suites, it’s the ideal destination for those looking for a stylish, comfortable and flexible hotel in Liverpool. No other hotel offers such a unique insight into the life and career of Bill Shankly.

Services & Amenities

Each room is inspired by the legendary manager’s illustrious football career, and offers iconic quotes, relaxing beds and a luxurious bathroom, we guarantee an unforgettable stay at our hotel in Liverpool.

“Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor.”
– Bill Shankly

The Shankly Hotel has aimed for the sky – creating the ultimate hotel experience in Liverpool. Our comfortable, sleek and stylish rooms and suites span over 2.5 times an average hotel room. As standard, rooms include a double whirlpool Jacuzzi bath, 5o inch plasma TV, free WiFi and air conditioning.

To really make the most of your stay at The Shankly Hotel, you can book a table at The Shankly Hotel, which celebrates Bill Shankly’s life. Experience delicious dishes surrounded by amazing memorabilia from the Shankly family’s private collection.


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John McGil

When Shanks retired he always wanted to be around the sport as much as he could. I knew his quite well and considered him a friend so invited him down to carry out a presentation of trophies to the old East/West Toxteth football team. He gratefully obliged.

The venue was packed as word got out that he was attending and true to his word he was there and handed out the trophies, taking time to speak with each and every person who greeted him and wanted a piece of his time.
I had a conversation with Shanks the morning after the football presentation, re-iterating to him that his appearance at such an event was such a huge boost to the people of Toxteth and that the fact he had taken time out to speak with them all was something they would never forget. He stated; “You told me I would be a shot in the arm for the south end people, well the south end people were a shot in the arm for me.” They were such telling words from a man who missed the game and the people so much when he retired.