Room 214

Luxury Room

  • Sleeps Sleeps up to 5
  • Zips Zips
  • Double beds 1 Double bed
  • Single bed 3 Single beds
  • free WiFi Free WiFi access
  • Shower Shower
  • Jacuzzi Jacuzzi

About Room 214

The Shankly Hotel offers so much more than luxury accommodation – it is an experience. Enjoy rooms inspired by one of the most iconic sporting figures in the world. Comprising of 83 luxurious rooms and suites, it’s the ideal destination for those looking for a stylish, comfortable and flexible hotel in Liverpool. No other hotel offers such a unique insight into the life and career of Bill Shankly.

Services & Amenities

Each room is inspired by the legendary manager’s illustrious football career, and offers iconic quotes, relaxing beds and a luxurious bathroom, we guarantee an unforgettable stay at our hotel in Liverpool.

“Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor.”
– Bill Shankly

The Shankly Hotel has aimed for the sky – creating the ultimate hotel experience in Liverpool. Our comfortable, sleek and stylish rooms and suites span over 2.5 times an average hotel room. As standard, rooms include a double whirlpool Jacuzzi bath, 50 inch plasma TV, free WiFi and air conditioning.

To really make the most of your stay at The Shankly Hotel, you can book a table at The Shankly Hotel, which celebrates Bill Shankly’s life. Experience delicious dishes surrounded by amazing memorabilia from the Shankly family’s private collection.


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Peter Baxendale

My great friend Christopher Wood was living in Liverpool in about 1972. He found out where Mr Shankly lived and went to his house in Bellefield Avenue. He knocked on the door and Mrs Shankly opened. Like a child asking if somebody could come out to play; Chris asked if Mr Shankly was in. His wife said no but he was due back in 10 mins as he was getting his hair cut. She invited him in and sure enough 10 mins later Mr shankly came in.

Mr Shankly was very happy to meet Chris and sat down with him for half an hour talking football before turning on the radio and it was him interviewing I think Denis Law for a local radio station.

After half an hour there was a ring on the door bell and it was Mr Shanklys daughter with her own daughter.

Strangely 30 years later Chris became friends with Mr Shankly’s Granddaughter Karen who he had met all those years before. Once Mr Shanklys daughter arrived he explained to Chris that he had family duties to get on with but it had been a real pleasure to have met him. What is remarkable about this true story is that it included other members of the Shankly family. Can you imagine Mrs Brenden Rogers or Roberto Martinez inviting a young football fan into their homes!

I moved to London when I was 16 and I was travelling every week to follow Liverpool that led me to meeting the great man 3 times in my life. He replied to me twice in writing in 20 years.