Room 218

Luxury Studio

  • Sleeps Sleeps up to 5
  • Smart TV 50" Smart TV
  • Zips Zips
  • free WiFi Free WiFi access
  • Sofa bed 1 Sofa bed
  • Kitchenette Kitchenette
  • Jacuzzi Jacuzzi

About Room 218

The Shankly Hotel offers so much more than luxury accommodation – it is an experience. Enjoy rooms inspired by one of the most iconic sporting figures in the world. Comprising of 83 luxurious rooms and suites, it’s the ideal destination for those looking for a stylish, comfortable and flexible hotel in Liverpool. No other hotel offers such a unique insight into the life and career of Bill Shankly.

Services & Amenities

Each room is inspired by the legendary manager’s illustrious football career, and offers iconic quotes, relaxing beds and a luxurious bathroom, we guarantee an unforgettable stay at our hotel in Liverpool.

“Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor.”
– Bill Shankly

The Shankly Hotel has aimed for the sky – creating the ultimate hotel experience in Liverpool. Our comfortable, sleek and stylish rooms and suites span over 2.5 times an average hotel room. As standard, rooms include a double whirlpool Jacuzzi bath, 50 inch plasma TV, free WiFi and air conditioning.

To really make the most of your stay at The Shankly Hotel, you can book a table at The Shankly Hotel, which celebrates Bill Shankly’s life. Experience delicious dishes surrounded by amazing memorabilia from the Shankly family’s private collection.


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David France

I am 67 years of age and have supported Liverpool F.C. since I was 6 years old. I am a current main stand season ticket holder.

How can you love a man you never really met? For 50 years I have treasured a letter which is framed and is displayed proudly in my office to this day. It is on official Liverpool Football Club headed notepaper, it reads;-

Dear David. “Find enclosed for derby game as requested.” Best wishes; and is signed BILL SHANKLY manager.

This was in response to my letter pleading for a ticket as I had crashed on my scooter and injured myself to the extent I could not queue for hours as was required in those days to obtain a ticket. Mr Shankly had also previously sent me a ticket for an F.A. Cup semi-final against Leicester City, following a similar demise when I broke my collar bone and cracked some ribs. Unfortunately I do not have any correspondence to back this up. It was only years later that I fully realised how unique this gesture was. Beyond doubt a true man of the people, Mr.Shankly would have paid for those tickets from his own pocket without really knowing that the requests made were truthful. I never paid for the tickets (I was never asked to) but along with so many in the City of Liverpool I would like to think I repaid him with love. It would be interesting to write to all current Premiership managers with a similar request today. I doubt that you would even get a reply from most of them never mind a free ticket.

I have some other memories. When travelling to away games, the fans would stop on the way home and often the team coach would pass by, the players were usually playing cards. Only Mr. Shankly would stand up and acknowledge every one of them. Also famously Mr. Shankly asked for volunteers to go to Anfield and clear snow from the pitch and stoke the coal braziers in order that a match could be played. I was one of those volunteers and in my hazy memory, Mr Shankly came round with cups of tea for the volunteers, this though I cannot recall clearly but I may just have met the man I have loved for so many years.