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So what can you expect from the Shankly Hotel?

Posted on 02.08.2014

In my very first blog post; I made reference to conveying at some point; just exactly what you can expect from The Shankly Hotel and its associated amenities. Hopefully I can give some insight now.

It may sound a cliché but the first thing to note is that this hotel is for the people and for the fans. We’ve all seen the quotes from Grandy about his socialism and we have all read the stories about his compassion and dedication to the people and fans. The strap line on his statue; “He made the people happy,” is not there by mere coincidence. He did.

When he arrived at Liverpool Football Club, he called it a club of the people. That is what we want the hotel to feel like to visitors and fans. What we want to do is provide a genuine all encompassing experience for fans and people, a football orientated one or not, people will leave the hotel having felt welcomed, looked after, intrigued, amazed, pampered and having thoroughly enjoyed there time there; and looking forward to their next visit.

The hotel will be I suppose, a building version of Grandy. Encompassing all his warmth, his intrigue, his originality, his uniqueness, his boldness, and his sheer desire to be the best!

The hotel will be about Shankly the man. Celebrating his life, his achievements, what he stood for and who he was as a person, and the people he influenced and who influenced him. It is me as his grandson who is behind the project.

With it being a family venture; supported by my mum, Jeanette Shankly who was of course Bill’s daughter; we will be offering an exclusive trip through Bill Shankly’s life, from birth to death and beyond; through a never before seen exhibit of family memorabilia that really is a jaw dropping view. The museum will only compliment everything else on offer at the hotel, from the accommodation through to the bar and restaurant and the fabulous wedding and function facilities that will also be on offer. All will follow a Shankly theme to offer an unparalleled unique experience for guests and a never before seen level of insight into Grandy’s life.

Exclusive family stories and anecdotes will be accessible, with members of the family (myself included); on hand to offer a personal touch with guests.

If you are a football fan; it will appeal to fans of all clubs; as visitors will quickly realise that Shankly touched many fans of many clubs, and we can guarantee you will go away knowing something you didn’t before you visited; whilst fans will come away knowing the answer to all those questions about Shankly and his sentiments towards Everton in the wake of his retirement from Liverpool, with memorabilia to back it up! The hotel will offer a unique football experience to fans, offering accommodation, a trip on the exclusive Shankly tour of the city (currently being designed and firmed up as we speak  – hot off the press and a complete exclusive), visit to the museum, interaction with the family and events with former players and managers as we link up with the 5 Times Co – Former Players and Managers Association.

The hotel will be flexible in design and feel; to ensure it caters for every kind of visitor. Whether you are a fantatical football fan visiting the city for the match, in large or small numbers, the hotel will provide an unrivalled offer; or whether you are a large group or a couple or family who are visiting the city for business or merely to check out its other endless tourist offers; the hotel will once again cater for your every whim and need with its unique décor and feel plus commitment to ensuring that visitors and guests get to experience an unforgettable visit to Shankly’s Liverpool. The place he loved the most.

Christopher William Shankly Carline

August 2014

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