Garden of Eden & Stardust Present

Boxing Day Special

Top DJs, 70’s disco & the best of house music

At The Garden of Eden, The Shankly Hotel, Liverpool
on Tuesday 26th December, doors open 10pm

Featuring Joey Negro

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Meet the Artists!

This Boxing Day, experience the very best of disco and house with our star-studded line up. Find yourself transported through the decades as we celebrate the fusion of two of music’s most mesmerising genres.

Joey Negro

Joey Negro is renowned as the pioneer of the disco-house genre. Also still known by his birth name, Dave Lee, the legendary DJ began collecting disco, soul and funk records in the late 1970s.

Negro curated a multitude of unforgettable compilations early on in his career. His work was a breath of fresh air, using disco samples to bring unappreciated music of the 1970s and 1980s to the forefront of the house scene.

The legendary DJ was just 13 when he heard “Boogie Nights” on a children’s TV show. He says it was this moment that started his long-term love affair with disco!

Danny Krivit

Danny Krivit is one of New York City’s most established DJs, making a profound impact on the city’s dance and club scene over the years.

A long-term vinyl junkie and New York veteran, only Frankie Knuckles and François Kevorkian can rival the time that Krivit has been at the heart of the dance community.

Krivit is the brains behind the 718 Sessions events in Manhattan and known for his captivating re-edits, giving many songs a new lease of life on the dance floor.

Full Intention

John Pearn and Michael Gray are the talented DJs, remixers and producers behind remixing duo Full Intention.

Pearn and Gray started their journey together in the early 1990s. It was in 1996 that they really made their mark on the music scene with “America (I Love America)”.

The British duo are without a doubt one of the most in-demand remixers in the field and a dominant force on the worldwide dance music scene. The pair have seen a multitude of successes with labels including Defected and Off Recordings

Derek Kaye

Derek Kaye has seen non-stop success with an uninterrupted DJing career. His wealth of experience spans over forty impressive years.

Though eras of music have come and gone, Derek’s technical nature and knowledge have truly stood the test of time.

A leader of the re-edit scene, Derek Kaye has come a long way since his days of crafting a homemade mobile disco, and it’s safe to say his spectacular career won’t be coming to an end anytime soon.

Thomas Tuft

Renowned as one of his generation’s most versatile DJs, Thomas Tuft has extensive and impressive musical roots in everything from jazz and house, to funk and hip-hop. Tuft also has a deeply rooted passion for disco.

The established DJ has built his credentials as the resident DJ at vibrant venues, including the Pleasure Dome and The Sub Club. At the latter, Tuft shared a booth with Yousef, Alison Marks and Paul Kane.

Thomas Tuft is now the Director and Senior House and Nu Disco.

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