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The Process Behind Creating The Shankly Brand

Posted on 10.08.2014

I’ve frequently spoken in previous blogs about how it is important for us to keep fans, visitors and customers involved in the process of ‘creating The Shankly’. When we eventually open I want the people to feel a bond and ownership with the newest Liverpool hotel.

When we get fully on site, we will be sharing photos and videos of progress throughout and asking fans for their ideas and suggestions.

The ideas behind the brand

This week we embarked upon one of the most important aspects of the process; the creation of our ‘branding’.

As conveyed in other blogs, from the start I have stated the hotel must feel welcoming for everyone. Whether they are football fans (Reds or not) or simply people who are visiting our great city to enjoy all it has to offer. Even those just wanting to enjoy a night or two in a quality Liverpool hotel where their every whim will be catered for.




In conjunction with this I’ve stated that the hotel is to be about celebrating Bill Shankly himself. The man he was, what he achieved and all he stood for. In short the influence he had on people he knew and places he visited.

With all this in mind, given we are talking about protecting and enhancing the legacy of a genuine legend; the task of designing the brand is one that any design associate would relish sinking their teeth into.

And my how they have.



Retelling the Bill Shankly legend

As Bill Shankly’s Grandson, I have conveyed to designers all the I could detail about his life. His likes and loves, combined with all the stories and information the public already knew about him. All in the hopes of giving an in depth insight into his life.

Deciding The Shankly Brand

From here we can produce a brand design that fits the bill including all requirements stated above.

Already, we have had some fantastic design suggestions and are close to signing something off to share with you all which I’m really excited about doing.

Stay tuned to here and to our Twitter @ShanklyHotel and Facebook for an exclusive reveal of the brand for the newest Liverpool hotel in the coming weeks.

Christopher William Shankly Carline