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The Top 5 Action and Adventure Activities in Liverpool

Posted on 24.06.2016

If you and your boys have some time off, why not try something a little more active than the average pub crawl and sports TV marathon. Gear up in your wet suite, body armour and protective head gear and get ready for the top 5 ways to pack the action into your Liverpool visit.

Rolling on the River

Why have all this river front and not take advantage of it? With these glorious summer months ahead, book a day down the docks with Liverpool Water Sports Centre. Don your wetsuits and sign up for a number of activities on offer for groups and individuals alike. Take a tour along the river, checking out the famous Liverpool skyline, or show off your acrobatic skills on the giant water trampoline. Get refreshed before you hit the town and take a dip in the Mersey.

The Great Escape

There are a number of escape games available round the city of Liverpool; a new and brilliant way of spending some time with your friends in a fun and challenging environment. You and a group of friends can book online into a number of different rooms and situations on offer. With great themes and intricate back stories, you will be tasked with finding clues, solving cases or following cryptic treasure trails. With the top 5 locations being within easy reach of the city centre, this is a great way to spend part of your day that doesn’t involve a warm pint and pack of pork scratchings.

Spiderman, Spiderman…

Unleash your inner Spidey at The Climbing Hangar Liverpool. From beginner’s groups or, if you fancy yourself a bit of Tom Cruise-in-Mission-Impossible-type, self-lead sessions with an endless choice of gravity defying courses, or just a way to conquer an existing fear of heights. Experienced trainers are on hand for those of you whose feet don’t tend to leave the ground, offering guidance and tutelage beginning your route to the top. If, however, this is not your first rodeo, there are advanced courses to challenge your climbing abilities to the maximum. With several walls and varying degrees of difficulty, you could enter an average Peter Parker and exit as Super Spidey.

Wacky Wakeboarding

Care to get an alternative view of Liverpool? How about upside down, soaking wet 3 seconds before your plunged into the Mersey? Ensure you’re man of the hour with a good dunking at Industry.1 Liverpool ‘s Wake park. Learn to fly through the sky with the greatest of ease during a day of Wakeboarding, followed by high speed journeys up and down the Docks, towed on a rubber ring. Another great water-based activity to keep you and your guys entertained during the warmer months of the year, and the best way to recover from the night before or to be rejuvenated for the next.

Human Target Practice

If your usual weekend is spent in front of your TV with a group of friends playing COD, this is the activity for you. Your regular squad can leave the comfort of their armchairs and become a “real life” tactical unit, with one aim to get the biggest bruise possible. At Ultimate Indoor Paintball, you and your crew are let loose in a 7000 sq ft venue, complete with obstacles and barricades you would usually face in the virtual world of gaming. Catering to stag and birthday parties with specific packages to suit. Are you ready to enter a world of pain?

Once your day of action is complete, there is no better place than The Bastion Bar and Restaurant, to partake in a pint and some well deserved gastronomic delights, then off upstairs to The Shankly Hotel to nurse those aches and pains in your luxury suite complete with Jacuzzi bubble bath.


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