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The Voting Continues for Shankly’s Greatest XI

Posted on 02.06.2016

Widely recognised as footballs greatest manager of all time, Bill Shankly’s career with LFC will be celebrated by fans throughout eternity. A man who was admired for his acid tongued, quick wit fit into the Liverpool ideal like one of their own, his notoriety for memorable quotes and outspoken comments further solidifying his place as “just one of the people on the Kop…”

Shankly’s charismatic approach to coaching saw an introduction of innovative techniques raising the skill and fitness levels of his squad. Swapping out the endless pavement pounding runs that had obliterated knees and hips before his arrival, for isolated circuit training and 5-a-side matches. His team were pushed to capacity each session, properly warmed up and down. Even though players were drilled to their breaking points they weren’t being burnt out or injured from pointless fitness regimes, every exercise being a team effort, measured to the best of a player’s individual abilities. His own competitive nature even had him joining the 5-a-side or 3-a-side matches, playing until his opponents were defeated.

A great respect for Shankly grew amongst the players born from mutuality, as notably Shankly had no social rules or restraints for his team off field. Sighting “sensible talks” as his only form of discipline, “the stamina and fitness of the players on the field” his only required proof that his advice had been headed. His players were able to train hard, play hard and live happy, this being all that was needed, as far as Shankly was concerned, to deliver success.

Holding the hearts and souls of Kopites in his hands, by building their beloved team from strength to strength Shankly, accredits his success’ to an understanding of what the fans wanted. Having found his rightful place amongst the people of Liverpool he could anticipate what they needed from their team’s success’ and gave them countless reasons to be proud of their team.

Being amongst many tributes to the Bill Shankly legend, The Shankly Hotel stands out as one of the truly unique, home to memorabilia that includes handwritten revolutionary tactical notes and masses of correspondence celebrating him and his contributions to the game of football. It is here his memory lives on through us and his family, as well as those who were privileged enough to work with him and under him. A man who was everything to both players and fans. Providing the football world with relentless warrior-like players that, under his tutelage, became todays celebrated legends in their own rights.

The Shankly Hotel are currently hosting an ongoing poll to craft the ultimate dream team, Shankly’s Greatest XI. Getting you, the people, involved in the process this an ultimate line up that, once composed, will be revealed in a celebratory event with as many of the finally selected players as possible in attendance.

Who will be amongst your choices for Shankly’s Greatest XI?


Get involved and choose from these legendary players, sharing your choices through your Facebook page, and be in with a chance to sit at the table with the peoples chosen legends.